November 20th, 2006


It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!!

We got a late start today for some reason, and we had more to do than usual. And then they took longer than we expected, so we're practically running late with everything. But we got all the stuff we needed to get done done, including going to the post office to send kilerkki's manga to her (sorry it took so long! It should be coming now!).

But because of the running-late-ness, and having Family Home Evening tonight, and Heroes being on, it was looking like we wouldn't get any time at all to play Final Fantasy XII today. This would have been very sad, as we haven't played it since Friday (okay, so maybe it wouldn't have been that sad, really, but when you've got an obsession...). But then we remembered! The Daily Show is in reruns this week for Thanksgiving, so we can stay up as late as we want playing video games! It's a miracle!

Also, baranoneko and setra posted this neat meme on their journals, comparing their fandoms to lovers. And even though we didn't post any guesses on any of them, we're taking the meme anyway.

Collapse )

We had fun coming up with those last night, but actually typing them out made me want to gag. Still, I think they're pretty fun. But hecka cheesy.

Tonight I'm thankful for Thanksgiving miracles, Celeste buying us Jack in the Box, french toast sticks, knights in shining armor, and being able to eat curly fries.

EDIT: Answers are up!
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