November 19th, 2006


Lazy Sunday

Today we went to Mom's place to celebrate Sarah's birthday. It's not for a week and a half, but because of Thanksgiving plans and stuff, they decided to celebrate early. We think this is mainly because the present they got Sarah was a letter jacket, which would be sad to get after taking a long trip up North (they're going to Seattle for Thanksgiving, as always).

We got Sarah's birthday card at Target during our long day yesterday, and it was awesome, though we weren't sure if Sarah would like it or think we're evil sinners. On the front is said in all caps, "For your birthday, I wanted to give you a bunch of bills of various denominations." Then you open it up, and there are all these sexy guys saying things like, "Hi, I'm Bill, and I'm Methodist." "I'm Bill, too, and I'm Lutheran." etc. etc. I think there were six of them. Athena found it yesterday and knew there could be no other card. Fortunately she liked it.

After all the festivities (which actually weren't very festive, especially after Steve suggested that we were playing the Quiet Game (which he called Quiet Mouse)) they decided that, (ostensibly) since Mom had to leave to go to LA for some business stuff tomorrow, they would have family home evening. So Steve gave a message on how faith without works is dead, and how home can be a heaven on earth, but we can't just believe it can, we have to work for it. We're going to have to call Mom on her little trick, because there was a time where Mom refused to have family home evening because she didn't want to get lectured.

So that bit was kind of annoying, but we kept quiet. I'm just not sure what to say exactly. I mean, first of all, their home is not our home, as indicated by the fact that we live somewhere else. It may have had something to do with our telling Mom that we still don't consider Steve and his kids to be our family. What they seem to not realize is that we're such horrible people that we don't want to. And we don't consider their home to be our home, so, while we don't want to make their home hell, we don't consider it a priority to make it especially heavenly. Not to say that we're inconsiderate when we're there, of course. Just... I don't know. It was annoying, is all.

And now we're home and we still have plenty of time to catch up on anime and play Kingdom Hearts. Or Tactics, depending on Celeste's state of wakefulness. And Oreo seems to have been missing us. He's so cute.

Today I'm thankful for getting to eat yummy chocolate cake, still having time to watch anime and play Kingdom Hearts, making sure my cursor is in the right place so I don't start typing something in the middle of another sentence, having money to pay our bills, and Mimsy being careful to jump more lightly onto the monitor so it doesn't turn off temporarily from the shock.