November 5th, 2006



Last night (or rather, this morning) I dreamed about Disneyland. This is actually a pretty common thing; I'd say at least half my dreams take place at some alternate version of Disneyland. Usually they focus on the Haunted Mansion, but lately they've been focusing on events, like parades and shows and stuff. And for some reason they've started involving us wearing costumes. I wonder if it's a combination of my Disneyland dreams with my AX dreams.

This morning it was just a little frustrating, because it was a reminder that this is the last month they'll be showing the "Remember... Dreams Come True" fireworks show. Actually, it was probably a good thing, because it strengthened my resolve to go to Disneyland some time this month, and in fact, if Del Rey pays us soon enough, we are so there, even if we have to take the train to get there. (A ride to the train station will be a lot easier to get than one all the way to Anaheim.)

But before we came to that conclusion, I thought a lot about how we've been trying to get Mom and Sarah down to Disneyland to see that fireworks show for a year and a half now, and it just hasn't been working. It's very frustrating, because, to us, it's one of the coolest things in the world, and we're pretty sure they'll enjoy it too, but they just won't go see it. I thought, "This must be what missionaries feel like when people won't talk to them."

I felt bad making that comparison, because obviously the gospel is way more life-changing and significant than a half-hour fireworks show. But then I couldn't let it go, and so during the sacrament I spent the time developing that analogy in my head. The gospel is kind of like that fireworks show, because it's so totally awesome, but people don't always take the time out to see for themselves how awesome it is.

And sometimes, they see it from outside, like from the Rivers of America, or maybe they were in Tomorrowland when the fireworks were going on. And they had heard how cool they were, but when they saw them, they were like, "That's not so cool," because they saw them out of context and took things the wrong way. Or they were intrigued by them, and thought, "You know, I bet that would look really awesome if we saw them from in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle," so they did take the time, and saw how totally and completely awesome the fireworks really are.

Of course, there's the possibility they still didn't care for them that much, even after seeing them from in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, but at least they saw the real thing. I'd still be like, "You don't like them!? Are you crazy!?" but I get very passionate about things I feel strongly about. (Obviously; that's the definition of passionate.) And I'm pretty confident that anyone who actually sees the fireworks there will be hard-pressed to deny their total awesomeness.

There's a glimmer of hope that, even if Mom and Sarah can't find time to make it to Disneyland this month, Remember will start playing again after the holiday season. We're not sure how strong that hope is, because on one hand, Fantasmic! was supposed to only be around for a limited time, and that started about fourteen years ago, but on the other hand, Remember has a lot of fallout, and it can be dangerous for the cast members who are trying to go home. So I'd rather not take that chance.

Either way, if they do come up with a new fireworks show, it's sure to be very cool, but I think anyone who has fond memories of Disneyland should see Remember. Just the way they incorporate themes from all the different lands--it's very cool.

Today I'm thankful for all the awesome testimonies people bore today, having lots of candy to eat later, cute kitties hiding under blankets to stay warm, cute kitties on Athena's lap, and reasonable people.