October 27th, 2006


We have a winner!!

Congratulations to kilerkki on winning our icon contest! Thank you for your entry!

It was a lovely blue before, but since Ki uses the original version of this icon herself, and we tend to get confused when people use too-similar icons, we changed the color. We hope you don't mind! We tried making it a kind of gold, since that's Goku's image color, but we have less good color sense than most, so hopefully it's not too hideous.

Anyway, we've come up with a wonderful selection of prizes for kilerkki to choose from! Collapse )

And there you have it! Let us know what you choose! (To be honest, if you ask real nice and we're not busy, you could probably eventually get everything, except for the free manga and probably the mp3s.)

After all that, I think I'll be continuing our commemorative multi-part series later.

Today I'm thankful for sparkly new icons, getting contracts, finally knowing which book CMX wants us to work on, chocolate for de-stressing (we freak out easily recently, and too much contact with people in business makes us nervous), and getting to have pizza for dinner tonight.