October 25th, 2006


A hundred million miracles

I like to think that I'm with Alma on the whole miracle thing, when he says everything in heaven and earth testifies that there is a God. I couldn't say for sure, but it makes a lot of sense. There are a lot of amazing little things happening all the time. In fact, just about everything on my gratitude lists could be considered a miracle in one way or another.

Today, we had a miracle that was a little bit more unusual, I guess would be the proper adjective. I'd heard about this type of miracle all the time, but I'd never seen it happen before.

We realized that today is the day we absolutely must do laundry. Since our apartment has coin-operated machines, this requires quarters--four for the washer and four for the dryer. We had exactly one. I'm pretty sure of this, because I checked. Not having any idea how we would come up with seven more quarters, I said a little prayer asking for help getting quarters, and later we resolved on a plan to go to the 99cents Only Store in an attempt to increase our supply.

We knew we wouldn't get more than three quarters, because we tried asking if we could get a dollar back in quarters one time and they said no. Still, four quarters is enough to wash the clothes, and the dryers don't always work anyway, so if worse comes to worst, we can just lay our clothes out on various flat surfaces to dry like we've done in the past. The only problem there being that the flat surface we tended to use most was the bed in the then-spare bedroom.

But anyway, as I was getting dressed, I noticed a coin on the floor, and lo and behold! it was a quarter! Da-DAAAH!

So I picked it up to put it on the dresser, next to the one quarter we had. Only there were two quarters there. This made me very happy, but I still had to look a little closer to make sure, and when I did, I saw that there were actually three quarters there.

I'm still not sure if it was just me not paying attention the first time I checked and found only one quarter, just because of how it happened, but I like to think I would have been more careful, since today is the day we really need quarters. And Athena remembers having exactly three quarters and giving two of them to Celeste a while back for her laundry.

Then we went to the 99cents Only Store and got two more quarters, so now we have a total of six. Not quite enough to dry our clothes, but it's a lot easier to bum two quarters off people than seven. The tricky part is finding people to bum quarters off of.

Today I'm very thankful for miracles, having more quarters, Bit O' Honey bars (even if they are difficult to eat), only having one thing to work on translating today, and having a chance to watch some anime today.