October 24th, 2006


I am slowly going crazy...

I think I'm feeling a lot better emotionally, if maybe a little irritable. Physically, not so much though. Earlier I thought maybe it was all the intense translating and we might have to take a sick day soon, but then I realized it was only Tuesday, which means we had two days off just two days ago. Athena thinks it might be frustration with Celeste manifesting itself physically, because she had similar problems last week, which was when she was more stressed.

Anyway, last night we started up Final Fantasy X-2 again. It's really different playing it right after FFX-1, because it's easier to compare. The important thing, though, is that we're back to playing video games regularly, and that's good for the soul.

The other thing that's good for the soul is ice cream, which we haven't had for weeks. But we were lamenting that fact at Mom's place on Sunday, so yesterday she was very nice and bought us some ice cream. It seems that with Celeste being less than bright right now, and with us taking initiative about getting more work (which we actually took back in July; it's only coming to fruition now) Mom is finally being reminded that we're actually the good kids, and is being extra nice to us. The problem there is that if there are "the good kids," that means someone has to be "the bad kid," and that seems like it could lead to a lot of problems.

Also, Teen Titans seems to be mimicking Celeste's life from our perspective, and that's kind of trippy.

At FHE last night, our ex home teacher, who seemed to be avoiding us as a member of Celeste's Ex-Boyfriend Club, said hi to us and told us that if we talk to this other guy in the ward, he'll design a website for us, and because of some thing they're doing together, we wouldn't have to pay for web space (just for design). He also said he wanted to let us know that just because he's not our home teacher anymore doesn't mean he's not our friend, and we can still call him any time we need something. That would have been useful information on Saturday when I was trying to find a ride to church, but better late than never, definitely. And we might get a website! Yay!

Though I'm not sure I trust him to do Japanese text... We'll have to look into this.

In the meantime, we have to finish up this translation for Del Rey, and we didn't realize the translation notes would take us this long to do. Next time, we shall have to type them up as we go along. It's just so much easier to say, "We'll note that later." Until later comes, of course.

Today I'm thankful for gifts of ice cream, getting back to our video game regimen (which of course will be altered slightly in about a week, when Final Fantasy XII comes out), potentially getting help with publishing our FBN statement thingie thing thing, Fun with Japanese! on Heroes, and the ability to speak.

Also! our icon contest closes on Thursday! So if you want to enter, time is running out!