October 22nd, 2006


Loooooooong day

We thought about not going to church today, because I really do hate bumming rides for it. This comes from a mixture of hating calling people and several experiences of calling someone, who assured us we could call them any time we needed a ride for church, and having them call someone else to come pick us up instead. Mostly it was out of convenience, because inevitably the other person lived closer than they did, but it still gives one (or at least us) a sense of rejection.

But it would have been extremely selfish of us to not go to church just because I hate bumming rides, so we called our anime buddy (whom I had actually called last night but didn't get to talk to because she was out, and though I left a message that I had called with her brother, it would seem she didn't get it, because she usually does call back) and arranged a ride without a hitch. As it turns out, it was a very good thing we went to church, because we got our library key! And about a million people needed to use the library copier today.

We literally spent the entire hour of Sunday School making copies, and didn't make it into Relief Society until what would normally be twenty minutes in, if it started on the hour, but as it turned out, we only missed a couple of verses of the opening hymn. Athena just did the math, and we made probably about 300 copies. Or actually she did, while I helped fold and staple things.

Relief Society was pretty nice, too, if rather confusing at first. The teacher had set up all the chairs in a giant circle around the room, instead of having them in rows like usual. This was so we could go around the room, and everyone could say either why they came to church today or what strengthens their testimomy. There's one girl in our ward, a recent convert, who always talks about how when she was having a hard time finding faith, one of the missionaries told her that the Lord has faith in her. I really like that.

After church, we were starving to death, so we decided to eat lunch first instead of checking computer stuff, which we hadn't had a chance to do before church. But while we were cooking, Mom called and said she was about to come pick us up for Kimee's birthday celebration. So we had enough time to finish eating and get the Jasmine costume ready. And then we went to their place, and it was nice, and we got to play with Kimee's new Littlest Pet Shop toys.

When they first started making Littlest Pet Shop toys back in the nineties, we managed to get almost the entire collection, but when we moved to the apartment our family lived in while we went to college, we ended up giving it all to either Goodwill or Deseret Industries. We were sad to see it go, but almost all we did with them was leave them on a bunch of shelves. That's why we can't let ourselves collect the new ones (though I must say the original designs were generally cuter, and littler). We are thinking of maybe buying a few to decorate our "office space" if we have a few spare dollars and a random trip to Toys R Us. I hope our original ones went to someone who appreciated them.

We also watched Alice in Wonderland, and while we were going through bonus features, we discovered that we had recipes to the three most important cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal) on the DVD all this time and never knew it! It doesn't matter too much for the chocolate chip and oatmeal, since we never had the title ingredients, but the peanut butter ones only have four ingredients! Of course, we don't know if they're any good yet. They better be for what we had to go through to find them. (If any of you have seen the virtual tea party on the Alice in Wonderland DVD, you know what we mean.)

And now we're finally home, and Mom gave us eggs because she had a million (more like three and a half dozen), and we have a check from TokyoPop that came early (we don't always check the mail on Saturdays, because we know we'll be walking by the mailbox on Sunday anyway), and we finally got to check LiveJournal. And soon, we may be playing Kingdom Hearts II.

Today I'm thankful for getting a ride to church, having a check from TokyoPop, new cookies recipes, having finally beaten FFX again (and while it's true that the ending was beautiful, things won't be right again until we get 100% on X-2 and fix it), and adorable kitties who missed us.