October 18th, 2006


Translation break

Tomorrow is Kimee's birthday, which means I have to finish her princess Jasmine costume tonight. Actually, I have no idea when they're going to get a chance to give it to her; for all I know I have until Sunday. But I've been working on it today anyway. Fortunately, it's going pretty quickly, despite all the needing to check the DVD for accuracy, having to iron out the stubborn wrinkles in the fabric, and having to figure out how on earth I want to cut this thing out (such are the difficulties of not using a pattern). I really hope it fits her when I'm done.

Still, we've managed some productivity in other areas as well. We decided it would be wise to work on the Del Rey series before we got started on costume stuff, just to make sure we stay on schedule. And we called our Mom the Accountant to get some help with the DBA thing. She asked why we can't just both sign the contract instead of making up a fake business, and was too sick to really help us anyway, so we had to e-mail the CMX guy and ask him Mom's question. On the one hand, not making up a fake business would be a heck of a lot easier, but on the other, then we wouldn't get to use our cute name. But at least we have something to call our website, when we finally get one.

We watched Kibou no Zaika and got what we assume was the bad ending, because it was kind of depressing. We also got the awesomest ending. I don't think it's that spoilery, but Collapse )

And that's enough dilly-dallying for me. It's back to the ironing board!

Today I'm thankful for simple costumes that can be made quickly, having enough fabric for these costumes despite not being careful enough to conserve fabric when making experimental cuts, chocolate pudding, the Teen Titans episode with Red X being on today, and the idea of not having to work on costumes tomorrow.