October 17th, 2006



The biggest problem, I think, with having these sudden very busy periods is that they seem to always come at times when we don't have much food in the apartment. So not only are we slaving away on translations, but we're doing it on less food than normal. Not that we're starving, just that we're more easily braindead.

Today we've been working on the series for Del Rey. We're finally getting into the groove of it, so it's going faster than it had been (though that might just be because there are more pages with very little text), but we're having sound effect issues. Since we're doing the English adaptation, and Del Rey "subtitles" their sound effects, we're very nervous about them.

The easiest thing would be to just transliterate the Japanese sound effects, but then I'm afraid that American readers who don't know Japanese pronunciation won't understand the sound properly. So then I try to come up with English equivalents. But then I think that the fans might want the Japanese sound effects, and I have no idea what to do.

So my question to all the English-manga-reading people on our friends list is what do the fans want?

Also, we came up with a name for our fictitious business. We haven't filled out the paperwork yet, though, because we're hoping that our Mother the Accountant will be able to understand it better and tell us if our name will work, or if we have to come up with something else. We think it's really neat, because we like wordplay.

Our name is... Futago (双語) Translations! Tadah!

See, "futago (双子:literally "two children")" means "twins," but since the Japanese word for "language" is "go," we switched it, so it means "two languages." We think it's cute. I was a little worried about how people might end up pronouncing it, but we tried out all the possibilities, and they're not so bad. And there you have it.

Today I'm thankful for unearthing the little glass hearts the cats like to play with, having come up with a fictitious business name which hopefully will work because that was a big part of my stress this morning, still getting plenty of translation done despite spending a lot of time setting up our printer and staring at pdf files, getting e-mails from friends we haven't talked to in a long time, and kitties coming to hang out with us.