October 16th, 2006


Curses! Foiled again!

Dad called yesterday letting us know that airfare over there for the holidays is $500+ per person, which equals way too much. He's not too broken up about it, because we can go over there some time later, and besides, he's been talking to Aurora, who tells him Mom's trying to get everyone over here for Christmas. Woo. We suspect Aurora told him because she doesn't want to see him, and she's using Mom as an excuse. How dare she use our own plan against us! Though to be fair, she doesn't live very close to either of them.

It's nice of Dad to not want to spoil Mom's photo plan, anyway, but now we have to figure out how else we can get out of it. Maybe we should just confront Mom and let her know how we feel (because we all know how well that's worked in the past). Maybe we should just suck it up and be in the stupid picture. It's not like we have to keep any copies of it. But they'll probably keep them in the living room, which would make us gag every time we go over there, just like with their wedding pictures. We are horrible, horrible people. Ah well. Right now I'm kind of leaning towards a, "Sure we'll be in your picture! If..." sort of plan, but you always have to be careful with those, and we'd still have to be in the dumb thing.

In other news, we're still trying to figure out what we need to do to apply for a fictitious business name so that CMX can pay us. I tried calling our Mother the Accountant, but she's been busy all weekend, and it's the day after October 15th, which is like half-taxday or something. She also said she doesn't know how it works, because she usually will just tell a client to do it and get back to them when it's done. She said she'd do some research and get back to us, but again, she's been busy all weekend. Either way, it probably wouldn't help us figure out what we want our fictitious business name to be. We're open to any and all ideas.

I guess that's all for now. Three paragraphs really isn't too short an entry, but I like talking about myself, so it feels too short. Our icon contest is still open, but I'm too tired and lazy to get the link to it right now. If you haven't seen the rules yet, it's all in our October 5, 2006 entry.

Today I'm thankful for steady progress, having saltine crackers, awesome fight scenes with Robin and Terra (but mostly Robin), getting to watch The Little Mermaid last night, and being done with work for today.