October 12th, 2006

kid flash

Movin' right along~

So after our freak-out session yesterday, we have calmed down considerably. I've decided to take it as a good sign that soon after I posted on LJ we got an e-mail from the guy at CMX giving us a timeframe on the thing he wants us to translate. He still hasn't told us what it is yet, which is only vaguely irritating (I guess now we know how everybody else feels when we talk about the stuff we're working on without giving titles). But it's more exciting than anything else, and it's fun to speculate. CMX has been known to get stuff from Shueisha, which usually only Viz gets, so it could be anything.

We thought about it and realized that a fifty dollar raise in rent wouldn't be that big a deal if we keep getting more work, and since we have two more clients now, hopefully we will. But we're still thinking about it, inbetween translating and eating, which seems to be all we're doing these days.

Also! we got our new computer. We haven't set it up yet, because we wanted to make sure to get a lot of work done first. We don't know how long it'll take to get everything the way we want it. Even if it's only ten or twenty minutes, there was a definite feeling of, "But we don't have time!" That's what crazy crazy things do to you. But we're making really good progress on that, too (almost nine pages today!).

I'm really excited about the printer that came with it, too. It says it has a maximum 4800 x 1200 dpi, with microscopic drops as small as 2 picoliter. I don't know if that's good or not, but it sounds totally awesome. I mean, dude, two picoliters! That's microscopic! That's awesome! (I was talking like that all night last night.) So now I'm like, "Dude, let's start printing stuff!!" As if we had anything to print. But since we have a DVD drive, we can maybe get screen captures and print those! It'll be awesome.

Our copy of The Little Mermaid finally came today, and it's all sparkly and pretty and shiny and stuff. But we can't watch it today, because we watched it recently ourselves, and Celeste hasn't seen it nearly as recently so we told her we'd watch it together when we got it. And she's not going to be home until late tonight because she's going to the fair with her boyfriend (whoa, we have a fair here). We could just watch it without her anyway, but then we might end up watching it tomorrow anyway, and that might be too soon. We could watch the commentary tonight and the movie tomorrow, but that just seems wrong.

But the best piece of news we got today came from Del Rey! We were getting a little nervous because normally she responds to our e-mails pretty quickly, and after we sent her our test translation, we didn't hear from her for a while. We started worrying and thinking things like, "Oh no! What if we ended too many sentences with prepositions? What if they thought our translation was so bad that they don't want us to translate for them at all!?" Fortunately, we were easily distracted by the crazy crazy thing, which occupies a great deal of our time and mental energy.

But then we finally got an e-mail from her, and they're going to let us do the English adaptation! That means we get paid twice as much, and all we have to do is think a little harder to make sure everything sounds normal, instead of saying, "That's the best we can do; sorry Jake." We're still not sure if we'll be getting paid $3 or $4 per page (of translation, and then again for the adaptation), but either way, it's at least twice as much money.

Today I'm thankful for getting our copy of The Little Mermaid, getting to do the English adaptation of this series for Del Rey, caramels, drop size as low as 2 picoliters!, and new monitors. And now we're off to finish that page and then set up our new computer!