October 10th, 2006


Superheroes and Happiness

Still working like crazy. The crazy crazy thing goes so slow that it's difficult to feel productive, but we're plodding along.

Last night Heroes began to lose what little trust in it I had. Superhero shows are supposed to make us feel better about the world, not more frustrated with it. And Athena says they should have a viewer discretion advised warning, because it's on network TV. Man, I'm still grossed out by that last shot of the cheerleader. I was also not entirely surprised to notice that the producers of Smallville are both working on Heroes, but I was hoping they'd do better.

On the other hand, we were amused by how much "Tokyo" resembled the plaza with the Kinokuniya we used to go to in Los Angeles, right down to the model spaceship and plaque commemorating the astronaut Onizuka.

And yet I get the feeling we're going to keep watching it. We have a hard time giving up on things. And you know what they say--hate is just love with its back turned. Okay, so as far as I know only one person says it, but it's pretty accurate.

After it ended, we had to watch some anime to relieve the subsequent headaches. We thought, "It's time to watch something happy now," so we watched Happiness. Tadah! We were actually a little concerned, because you never know what "happiness" can refer to in an anime title, but it mostly coincided with our definition. And it was animated by ArtLand (Mushishi, Bokura ga Ita), and we like them a lot. Especially after meeting Noboru Ishiguro at AX.

Another series I wanted to mention is Tokimeki Memorial Only Love. It's based on a popular love sim series, so we were a little concerned about that, too, since those seem to either be too fan-servicey, or, in the case of what we've seen of To Heart, extremely boring. But this one was completely not what we expected, and it was highly entertaining. And! they passed up completely good opportunities for panty shots. Also, we got to hear lots of adorable screams from Miyano-kun♥(aka Tamaki Suou). It's difficult to think of him as Riku (from Kingdom Hearts) after hearing him in TokiMemo (in which he happens to play a character named Riku). So far I think my favorite teacher is the science teacher, with the literature teacher as a close second.

Oh! How could I forget to talk about Danny Phantom!? Last night's episode was, of course, very awesome. But unfortunately, it was aired out of order. Our theory is that Nickelodeon is trying to de-popularize the show, possibly because of offensive letters telling them they're stupid for cancelling production. Of course, we had the theory before the campaign started, but before it looked like they were just going to gently phase it out, while now it looks like they're doing things to spite us. We could be wrong, though.

But the episode was very awesome, nonetheless. And! the villain was played by Mark Hamill! There were a few elements that made the episode seem like a small tribute to Kingdom Hearts II, but that might just be because I'm obsessed.

Today I'm thankful for happy anime to fix the mood after headache-enducing TV dramas, TokiMemo, time today to watch more anime, sparkly stickers, and having Mickey Mouse mints.