October 8th, 2006



Today was a bittersweet day. I have been officially released from being Relief Society pianist. This makes me very sad, because it's my favorite calling. In my mind, the only better calling is Primary pianist, and that calling's not available in our ward.

We also had our first day as ward librarians, which would have gone much better if the person who had the keys to the library had been at church today. We eventually got a member of the bishopric to open the door for us, but by that time, our anime buddy (the former librarian, who had agreed to show us the ropes) had disappeared. It wasn't very difficult to figure out what to do and stuff, but there's always the fear of doing something wrong because you don't know the rules. It was rather frustrating. But then she showed up again and apologized and everything was better.

While we were looking for someone to open the library for us, we ran into Sister Hanamaikai, who told me she would miss me as RS pianist, because she really liked my playing, and that gave me warm fuzzies. Also, our favorite Sunday School teacher was teaching today, and he saw Athena and told her he missed us in class, and that he quoted our grandfather, so that was a warm fuzzy moment too. I'm sad that we have to be in the library during his lessons, because he always has the class sing a hymn, and that was my other opportunity to play the piano at church. I'll just have to find more time at home, I guess.

In other news, when we were walking home from the 99cents Only Store yesterday, we noticed something that somehow completely missed our attention on our way to the store. The area in front of one of the apartments in our complex was roped off with tape that said "Fire Line Do Not Cross," and there was a huge hole in the wall. Last night when we were getting ready for the murder mystery party, Celeste said she guessed we probably wanted to know what all the sirens and firetrucks were outside our building for that morning. Apparently when she was heading out for the carwash, she heard that someone drove their car into that apartment, and somebody died. It's always weird to think about somebody just going about there business like normal, and without any warning at all, they're dead. We don't know if it was the driver or a resident who died, but either way, wow.

Changing the subject again, the murder mystery party was really fun. Athena and I didn't have characters, because there were so many people there. In fact, most people paired up and shared characters. The bishop and his wife were there too, and interestingly, they seemed to play their parts best of everybody there. I guess I just don't think of them as the acting types. And Athena was the only one to guess who the murderer was correctly; I just went along with it. And then one of the girls playing the murderer said something that I figured she wouldn't have known unless she was the murderer, so that confirmed it in my mind. Her real-life boyfriend said he had a hunch it was that character, but he couldn't see why it would have been her logically. We knew for sure it wasn't his character who was the murderer (even though a lot of people thought it was, since he had a lot of motive) because of the way he was sitting there trying to sort out all the clues even after he'd stated his guess. It was actually very amusing.

Soon after we got home from church, Kimee called and asked us if we wanted to go over to their place (actually, she asked for Celeste, so I don't know whether or not Athena and I were meant to be invited, but I decided we were; Athena points out that she probably just wanted to talk to Celeste because Celeste is her favorite). But Celeste has no gas in her car, so I had an interesting time trying to work out logistics with Mom through Kimee. It ended up with Kimee telling me she would ask Mom if someone could pick us up, and when I said, "Okay!" she said, "Okay, bye." So we really have no idea what's going on tonight.

In the meantime, I'm thankful for being allowed to be the RS pianist for so long, living in a second floor apartment, powdered donuts (which Oreo loves, by the way), the atmosphere, and finally making it into the library.

And, since I think there are still some people on our friends list who haven't been around to check out the first installment of our commemorative multi-part series, here's a link to make it easier to find. The contest is still open!