October 5th, 2006


Dah, da-dah DAAAH!!

Apparently I already used that fanfare as a subject line, so Athena suggested a much longer one, but I didn't know where to put all the emphases, since she was improvising and went too fast for me to take it as dictation, so this one will have to do. For today is a day of celebration!! Why? Because today we turned in our 100th translation for TokyoPop!!!! That's right, one hundredth! Dah, da-da-dah dah dah, dah da-da-dah dah dah DAAAAAAH!!!! (Her original one was much longer than that one, too)

Thinking about it, there is a small possibility that it's actually our 99th translation for TokyoPop, and our 100th invoice, because we had to fill out an invoice for some work we did over winter break in 2003. I think we had that invoice as #1, being our first non-translation, non-intern work for TokyoPop, but we can't check because that invoice was lost when our harddrive got reformatted a year ago. But we did translate an interview with the creators of Battle Royale when we were interns, so we'll say this is our hundredth either way.

And so, in honor of our 100th translation for TokyoPop, we're starting a multi-part series of in-depth looks at each series we translate/have translated! And!!! We're having a little contest! We don't have an appropriately celebratory icon, which is very sad for a celebration. And so we're having a contest!! We want an icon from one (or more) of the serieses we translate (list to be provided at the end of this entry), preferably from the manga since we didn't work on the anime of anything, of one or more character in the attitude of celebrating. Nothing with spoilers, please. We can't afford to buy a prize, but we might be able to get the winner a copy of a book we translated! (This contest is unaffiliated with TokyoPop.)

So, without further ado, we begin our multi-part series with none other than...

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That's about all I can think of to say about Fruits Basket. The floor is now open to any questions anybody might have. We will be more than happy to answer them! Unless you say, "How do you feel about this development in volume 20?" And then we'll say, "Shut up!" because we've only read through volume 17. But other than that (or anything from like 18 or on), we'll be more than happy.

Today I'm thankful for getting our rent paid, the opportunity to translate Fruits Basket, 100 translations!, the office having free Skittles, and people being kind enough to take us to the bank.

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