October 4th, 2006


Black cats and curses

It's very strange. We seem to have some sort of curse that prevents us from tracking anything we ordered online. This happened when we ordered that one issue of Zero-Sum, and it's happening again now that we've ordered The Little Mermaid. Oh well, at least this way it'll be more of a surprise when it actually shows up.

Today we started work on a crazy crazy thing that is very awesome and I wish I could tell everybody what it is but I don't know if I can yet. But, as I said, it is crazy crazy, and therefore translating it is actually pretty scary. But we are making pretty good progress. Better than with CLAMP no Kiseki, anyway. There's some stuff about Photoshop in it, so we might have to ask some of you Photoshop people for some help in the near(ish?) future.

Translating hard stuff makes my back hurt.

While we were working today, Mimsy jumped up on the computer desk and sat right next to the keyboard for a while. It was the cutest thing ever, but that's where Athena is usually holding the manga, so it was rather in the way. Athena says that since she's a black cat she's an ojamajo, which probably only makes sense to Doremi fans. I really wish we'd watched more of that before 4Kids got a hold of it, mostly because now I think the only way to get it in Japanese is to go to Japan. Or Little Tokyo, or some such place.

What I really ought to do is get to work on those costumes, since it's October. Time flies and all that stuff, so if I don't get started, before I know it, I won't have enough time. I keep forgetting to get interfacing when we go fabric shopping. That will make things a little difficult.

And while I'm talking about random things, there's this Comcast highspeed internet commercial where this guy takes this silver stuff and makes a structure out of cards really really fast, and claims it's a pagoda. It does look like a Chinese-style structure, but it's definitely not a pagoda. A pagoda is one building, built around a central pole, usually having five stories. His thing had three buildings, three stories at the highest, surrounded by an outer wall. Not a pagoda.

It's not important; I just wanted to point it out. Am I just showing off my knowledge of Eastern architecture? Maybe. But I think it comes more from my perfectionism. It's like that Geico commercial with the cavemen, and they're like, "Maybe you should have done a little research." Speaking of which, wouldn't it be better if the cavemen were actually living in a cave? It could be a very high-class, nicely decorated and furnished cave, but they can hardly be called cavemen if they don't live in caves, right? They'd have to be called Neanderthals or something.

And that reminds me of a story I know I've retold before, but too long ago for it to have been on LiveJournal. So here goes again. At a Saiyuki Reload event, Toshihiko Seki was talking about when Mars was really close to Earth, and how he dragged his family out to see it, and he told them that that's how Mars looked to the Neanderthals. And one of his daughters asked, "Daddy, what's a Neanderthal?" And he said, "You know that show Saiyuki?" "Yes..." "They're sort of like Goku's friends." "Okay Daddy, good night."

Today I'm thankful for getting a check in the mail, Ojamajo Mimsy, crazy crazy things to translate that aren't quite as soul-crushing as CLAMP no Kiseki, having Take 5 bars, and cute stories about Toshihiko Seki.