October 2nd, 2006



We got kind of a late start on things today, because Mom called at ten (right about when we'd gotten our computer on) and asked if we wanted to go to Hancock Fabrics with her. It's always best to go when people are already going, because then they don't have to go out of their way so much later, and I still needed stuff for Sarah and Kimee's costumes. (I kind of feel like Cinderella, making pretty costumes for these people and doing all my other work, and then if I'm lucky and still have time, I get to make a pretty costume for me, but I like having the other work and I brought the costume stuff on myself, so I can't complain too much.) We were hoping the timing was just right so Mom would treat us to lunch, but Sarah came too (it's one of the faculty meeting days where the students don't go to school) and she wasn't feeling well, so as soon as we got all our stuff, we all went home.

Then we decided the easiest thing to do would be to forget about all the other stuff we have to do and get to work reformatting Fruits Basket 17. (Also that way we'd get to listen to our KH2 soundtrack!) It occurred to me that we actually didn't need to get a head start on it like we did last week, but since we ignore character introductions when we're translating for us, we found out it was actually a very good thing we did. Those character descriptions have gigantic spoilers! My goodness!

We also learned that it can be a very good thing that Miyano-kun tells everybody what new anime he's in, because if we ended up deciding we just don't have the time or space to watch the premieres of some serieses this season, Tokimeki Memorial was definitely near the top of the cut list. Somehow it's looking like all our favorite voice actors end up being in stuff we decide not to watch because it's aimed at boys and therefore the cast would be all girls. Except for the one guy who also happens to be played by our favorite voice actor. Oy.

And last night we played through most of the end of Kingdom Hearts II, so I'm in a, "How could I love anything but Kingdom Hearts?" mood.

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Today I'm thankful for not having quite as much trouble with the highlighted bits of FB17 I thought we might, Heroes being on tonight, having been relatively productive for our crazy start and long time spent talking about KH2, having tea ring cookies, and having Fiddle Faddle.