September 26th, 2006

kid flash

Heroes and vampires

All the TV we used to watch in the afternoons got cancelled. This would probably be a good thing if we had any work to work on. As it is, we just have an extra hour and a half to fill. It would still probably be a good thing except that our monitor is not happy with the current heat wave, and that makes doing stuff on the computer tricky. On the bright side, it looks like Teen Titans is back on Miguzi, and we'd be watching it right now except that for some reason we have little patience for things today and the episode doesn't focus on Robin.

Last night we watched the Heroes series premiere on NBC. I still don't trust that show, but I enjoyed the first episode. I mean, it has Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere! I feel a little bad watching a show for Kairi when we didn't take the trouble to watch Seventh Heaven for Riku, but we would have started Seventh Heaven in the middle, and Heroes has superheroes. And, looking up the cast to check spellings, we're not surprised to find out that the guy who played Hiro's friend doesn't have a Japanese name. We thought he had a funny accent.

There were some pretty gory moments with Hayden Panettiere's character, since she's the one with the super-self-healing power, but they gave us plenty of warning to look away at least. I still don't trust it, though. Mostly because of Smallville. I no longer trust TV guys to write superhero stuff. And here I am fully planning on watching the Smallville season premiere. Ah well.

Kazuya Minekura's blog mentioned someone else's blog having pictures of the Sanzo Ikkou voice actors, so we did a little searching and found out that she probably really was talking about Hiroaki Hirata's blog, since that's where we found pictures. Apparently Akira Ishida has blond highlights in his hair now, which is just very strange to think about. Every single picture we've seen of him until now had him with all black hair, with the same hair style (except for the one where he had a chon-mage, but we're convinced that was Photoshop or something). And we've been fans of his for years!

I also have to plug Black Blood Brothers. It has the cutest little vampire boy you'll ever see in your life. And if you disagree, you'll just have to watch the show and comment. And baranoneko is right; Sakurai-san does talk a lot like Akira Ishida. Maybe it's an Aichi thing.

Today I'm thankful for new anime with music by Toshihiko Sahashi, new Gilmore Girls tonight, having milk, having located Oreo, and mint leaves.