September 25th, 2006



We almost didn't get to play Kingdom Hearts yesterday! Celeste got home from heart attacking her boyfriend's room as I was finishing yesterday's LJ entry and said she wasn't going to Break the Fast after all. We weren't ready to turn on the video games just yet and either thought Celeste would probably do some more random stuff or weren't thinking at all, and we sat down on the couch to go through the AX pictures. We were there for probably not two minutes before Celeste turned on Final Fantasy Tactics. We really should have seen it coming.

We didn't say anything because we still weren't ready to start KH2, and it would be silly to make her turn off her game when we weren't going to play our own. So we waited. It would have been better for us if she had gone to Break the Fast, because that would have been the perfect opportunity to do some more computer stuff before turning the game on, but we knew she'd turn Tactics off when she got hungry. And so while she ate we distracted her with the Everybody Hates Chris marathon on the new CW, which gave us enough time to have dinner ourselves. After the last episode, she went to the bathroom, and we took over the Playstation! Mwahahahahahaha!

It wasn't long before she started playing Kingdom of Loathing. She gets bored when she's not the one playing, I guess. At first I was worried that she didn't like Kingdom Hearts, but then I thought about things more logically. Later on, when she wasn't playing KoL, she made a valliant attempt at compromise by suggesting, out of the blue, that we watch The Sixth Sense. But much as we love Haley Joel Osment, for some reason we have little motivation to watch that film, and even less when we're actually playing Kingdom Hearts, the game which caused us to fall in love with him in the first place. She may have been better off had she suggested Fantasia. But I think we still would have said no. She gets the PS2 all week; all we ask is that we get to play Kingdom Hearts on Sunday.

That being said, I have no idea what time Celeste and/or her boyfriend will be getting here to take us to FHE, so the ongoing KH2 review will have to wait.

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time to catch up on anime today, it being autumn so now even though we seem to be having another heatwave temperatures are in the 90s and not the 110s, fun cosplay pictures of Seifer and Setzer, having the ability to type around cats who insist on standing in front of the keyboard, and acronyms.