September 24th, 2006


Behold the glorious bounty!

Hm, I guess that would require pictures. They will be coming soon! Because today at church, our anime buddy arrived and handed me three thick packets of photos from AX! Tadah!!!! We will eventually be scanning and posting our favorites, but today we're too lazy.

Also today at church, we ran into the guy who said he'd loan us some comic books, and he had actually brought them today! Yay!!!! So now we have a box and a half of comics and can start our sound effect glossary. It will be awesome.

The only problem with all the awesome is that I had a hard time paying attention to any of the lessons because I was busy trying to remember all the stuff we'd taken pictures of. But we had a great discussion in Athena's class. I told the Relief Society President I was sad because my favorite part of Relief Society is playing the piano for the hymns, and that was taken away from me (I meant to say, but don't know if I did, that it was because when things start late, we only sing one verse of the opening hymn, and when things close late we sing one verse of the closing hymn if we're lucky). She misunderstood because today was the day the formally called us to be the ward librarians, and I'm afraid I may have been too accusing. But I want to play all the verses, dangit!

Also, now is probably a good time to post that meme we've been tagged for, so here goes! Tagged by more_dragoncelt

List five truths. Five things that are on your mind. Good, bad, it matters not. Lift some weight off. Then pick five people to do the same.
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I think I always have bad luck tagging people because I had bad luck once. But here goes (do not feel pressure to respond):

blackhope (okay, so that's cheating because he's on a mission, but I think he'd respond if he wasn't)

Today I'm thankful for having AX06 pictures, temporarily having a box and a half of comics, knowing Riku's theme well enough to have it stuck in my head, Classic American Peanut Blossom cookies, and the new TV season finally starting this week!

EDIT: We now have a new default icon! Okay, so I don't think Starfire and Blackfire are twins (I've never read the comics; I don't know for sure), but they look alike and are played by the same actress, and we like the icon, so there you have it. We also got a new Kid Flash♥ icon, since the one we used to have was just a temporary one until we could make or get a better one. Both were made by sociologique and posted on good_tt_icons
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