September 23rd, 2006


Good stuff

I feel like I've been whining a lot lately, so today I'll just talk about happy things. I was going to do the meme I(we?)'ve been tagged for, but I want to make sure I have plenty of time for it, and we've been distracted today.

We went to the General Women's Conference tonight. Our stake decided to have a dinner before hand, and it was pretty fancy, with members of the priesthood acting as servers. Our Stake Relief Society President and her counselors are geniuses, so instead of one or two food stations, there were six. It was brilliant! And they decorated the bathroom and added fancy soap and put baskets on the counter filled with mint patties (with wrappers, so they weren't like the mints mentioned on Gilmore Girls).

Before the actual broadcast, I realized it was about to start and I was kind of like, "Aw, man! Now we're gonna have to listen to talks and stuff." Because I'm a brat like that. But the talks were all totally awesome, and I didn't have much trouble paying attention. I liked how... was it Sister Hughes? said that you don't have to be in the middle of a crisis to feel the Savior's love; you can feel it any time. For some reason that's what stood out to me. But of course, it was all really good.

After the conference, Mom came by and gave us the money we earned, so we got to go buy catfood, and we splurged on some Honey Nut Chex Mix. I say, like it was that big a splurge. We totally just pre-ordered The Little Mermaid 2-Disc Platinum Edition DVD w/ Bonus Lithographs, Mini Plush and Pin this morning. Chex Mix was only like 4% of that. Darn shipping costs. But the Twins are suckers for plushies. And then Sebastian and Flounder can hang out with Iago and Abu, only Flounder would probably drown, except he's a plushie, not a real fish. And I'm very excited and started thinking what a prequel might be like. My only regret is it probably won't have the Japanese dub track. Dude, I just realized that when we're in Japan, we might have to buy new copies of all our Disney movies. Ah well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Tonight I'm thankful for an awesome conference, computer games that have built-in anti-life-sucking-away rules of gameplay (last night after we'd been watching TV for an hour, Celeste came out and announced that they only allow you to do a certain amount of things in Kingdom of Loathing, and she'd already filled her quota), having pre-ordered The Little Mermaid, having been paid more than I expected for that proofreading job, and tele-prompters.