September 16th, 2006


I forgot to give this entry a title.

Our ward has the most bizarre schedule. I guess you'd call it a schedule. Or something. At any rate, for some reason, activities that go to nine, or even eleven aren't enough. They have to get together afterward. The really weird thing about it is that I get the impression most of the people in our ward generally go to bed earlier than we do. I could be wrong though. Maybe they need to stay up ultra-late occasionally to get the nightlife bug out of their systems? I don't know.

So like I said, our anime buddy was planning a sleepover. I never really clarified, but it wasn't cancelled, just started later. In this case, later meant eleven-thirty. She picked us up and brought us to her place, where we found out that the gathering for another girl's birthday would be held, not today, like we had originally been led to believe, but as soon as everyone got there last night. So we had a party from about 1am to 3am. It was kind of fun, but we worried about people making it home, since at least one person was falling asleep standing up. Okay, he wasn't that bad, but he was really tired.

While we waited for people to show up, our anime buddy turned the TV on for background, and The Princess Bride was on. It was almost over, and people were too distracted putting up decorations to change the channel when it ended, so we saw the opening sequence to Bounce. It was really funny, because the name Tony Goldwyn showed up in the credits, and I said, "Tony Goldwyn... Why is that name familiar? ... *GASP!* HE'S TARZAN!!!!" We were still recovering from that shock when the name Alex D. Linz came up, and we started going crazy because now both adult Tarzan and young Tarzan were in it. The movie was turned off before we found out for sure (everyone who had seen the movie said, and I quote, "Oh, I hate this movie!"), but we checked IMDb, and they play father and son. Neat!

Once the party started, we got to talking to the two guys there who were most familiar with Final Fantasy, one of whom is an anime fan (the other one seems to want to be an anime fan, but not have the means (read: enough motivation)). Fruits Basket got brought up, and we had to plug the manga, of course, so he mentioned how he's never read any manga, even though he used to read comic books all the time. We took that opportunity to mention that we need to read comic books to get an idea of American sound effects, and he said he'd loan us a box or two. Yay!!

Most everybody left at three, so it was down to us, our anime buddy, and one other girl, who was playing Jeopardy! on PS2. The sleepover was just the four of us, and there was some trauma because the other girl had never spent the night away from home except at her grandparents' house. But we talked to her, and she calmed down, and we decided to put in A League of Their Own to help her be less scared while she went to sleep. This was only really a problem because as soon as it started, we remembered how much we liked it, but it was three-thirty and we needed sleep. So we were strong and went to sleep *sniffle*

And then we woke up and watched cartoons while our anime buddy made waffles and cinnamon rolls (and sausage, but we didn't eat that). And then we came home and the cats were still alive, if somewhat hungry, because Celeste spent the night at Mom's (apparently she had promised to keep Sarah awake all night) so no one had fed them yet. And then we watched some anime (yay Host Club 24!) and now here we are.

Today I'm thankful for Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, not regularly staying up till three, boys who are willing to lend us their comics, Host Club 24, and the weather not being hot.