September 15th, 2006


Trouble in Tokyo!!!!

Teen Titans movie tonight!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

With a title like Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, it is definitely a movie that the two of us need to see. We're so excited!

We almost didn't get to see it, too. Our anime buddy has the house to herself this weekend and is having a slumber party. Normally, going to her place wouldn't be a problem, because she likes Teen Titans, too, so we'd probably get to watch it anyway. But the "party" part indicates that there will be other people there, and based on how many people have joined us for our anime get-togethers, we're thinking the other people who'll be coming won't be so interested in taking two hours out of the party to watch Teen Titans. Even if they were, our anime buddy's TV is set up so that non HDTV broadcasts are squooshed to fit the screen, and that would have been a little sad.

But we're saved! By an eleven-stake YSA fireside/dinner/dance... that we're not going to. I'm not sure what that means.

On the one hand, firesides are good, and we don't go to nearly enough of them, and we have much less of an excuse now that Celeste is here with a car. But on the other hand, if we went to the fireside, we'd probably end up going to the dinner and the dance afterward, which we reeeeeeally don't want to do. And! the dinner choice was between pizza and tri-tip steak, and they reasonably went with the steak. But if it had been pizza, which the Twins love and therefore are far more likely to eat, it would have been much more of a "nudge nudge" type situation. As it is, we're just very happy that the fireside/dinner/dance has pushed the slumber party back so that the Teen Titans movie will be over long before it starts.

In other news, today Celeste came home from Mom's with a sheet of The Art of Disney: Romance postage stamps for us. This is awesome because those are the stamps we wanted to use when we wrote fan mail to Mamoru Miyano♥ Now we just have to get writing...

Today I'm thankful for being able to watch Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, having a sheet of The Art of Disney: Romance postage stamps, getting a headstart on Fruits Basket 17, the weather being cool enough to use blankets (we're all such pansies; it's in the 70's and we're all freezing (I think it's because we had to get used to the ultra-hot weather, so now we have a harder time than normal with normal/cooler weather)), and a new Teen Titans thing to obsess over.

Teen Titans Go!!

Trouble in Tokyo was, and I'm sure you saw this coming, pretty dang awesome. I think we missed a lot of the action though, because we were trying to read the signs. We probably would have stopped bothering about halfway through, but we spotted one that said "Robin," so then we had to keep an eye out for all the other Titans. I'm still not sure whether or not we saw a good Raven sign, and we never did see a Beast Boy sign. But there were plenty of karaoke signs in the background, so we know the director knew what he was doing. And a lot of the signs were proudly announcing what color they were. That was neat.

The name of the villain was odd. When you first hear it, it's said by a guy from Japan, so he's using a Japanese accent, which is awesome, except that the name is a play on words in English. So when we first heard the name, it sounded to us like Bra Shogun. So for the first third of the movie we're like, "No seriously, what's this guy's name?" Then we finally figured out it was Brushogun, and then they spelled it out, and we were satisfied.

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Oh! Another thing I almost forgot! When Beast Boy is singing karaoke, he's actually singing the literal translation of the Japanese verse of the theme song! That was awesome, and very helpful, since we were really lost on some of those lyrics. Actually, a long time ago, Clay told me about the saying that makes it so the "Earthquakes, thunder, fire" makes sense. I lost the e-mail in the various computer crises we've had through the years, but if I remember correctly, those are among the four scariest things people have to face.

According to TV Guide, it'll be on again tomorrow, and if Celeste is out, we are so watching it again (we're not sure she'd want to sit through it again just yet). In another bit of Teen Titans related news, it turns out Athena was right in guessing that Scott Menville (voice of Robin) is the newest voice of Shaggy of Scooby Doo fame (we were watching the commercial and she said, "Is it just me, or does he sound disturbingly like Scott Menville?"). Since we were thinking about it, we finally looked it up at IMDb, and there it was. Not that I have anything against Shaggy, but hearing Scott Menville do that voice... it's a little unnerving. But we did find out that there's going to be another Teen Titans movie next year! Yay!

PS: We so need a Robin icon.