September 13th, 2006


We're on vacation!

We knew it would happen eventually, the way we kept plugging along at translating. We're once again ahead of schedule, and therefore our assignments have been put on hold for a while. At least we know not to expect anything for a while. Not from TokyoPop anyway...

We also found out that the three titles we spotted at Rightstuf are indeed no longer secret, but they are TokyoPop online exclusives, which means you can only buy them from the TokyoPop and/or Rightstuf websites. We're not sure what kind of a marketing strategy that's supposed to be, since I think a lot of manga gets bought because someone saw it in the store, maybe read a few chapters, and thought it was good enough to take home. And I know I for one sometimes don't care about a series when all I have is a basic summary of it, but later end up watching/reading it and finding out it's pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, having only read one volume of each of these titles, it's difficult to vouch for their complete awesome-ness, but we do like all of them.

The first one that's coming out is St. Lunatic High School. It's about a girl who is able to attend the prestigious and very rich St. Lunatic High School, because her brother has just gotten a job there teaching the night classes. Unfortunately, the night classes are the ones the mazoku (I don't know how they ended up translating it, but all you Slayers fans have an idea what it means, right?) go to, so she has a lot to get used to. And of course, all her classmates don't really like the human girl. We don't know why it's the first one coming out, because it's the last one we turned in, and it probably has the fewest volumes out in Japan.

The next one that's coming out is Atelier Marie & Elie, based on the popular Atelier video game series. It's about two alchemists who start a shop together. It's kind of odd-couple-esque, but not to that extreme.

And the third one is the one I think is my favorite. It's called Hiyokoya Shoten, and it's about a long-lost boy (named Riku!) who is finally found by his family when they return to Japan from their homeworld, Yamato.

And based on those very brief summaries, it really is difficult to tell if they would be worth buying, but I can say that Hiyokoya was popular enough in Japan to have CD dramas made (usually they don't start animating stuff until there are at least six volumes out, and I think 5 was just released). Obviously, we like all of them, and we hope enough people will buy them that TokyoPop will think it's worth it to publish more, and sell them in normal stores and stuff. Hiyokoya 2 through 4 have been sitting on our shelf staring at us for months!

On the other hand, I can definitely vouch for the total awesome-ness of Bus Gamer, which is not an exclusive, and was released yesterday! In all the excitement, I forgot to mention it. Next time you're in a bookstore, check it out!

Today I'm thankful for pretty manga covers, art not being final on the Hiyokoya cover (they made Hiyoko Ya two words, and the way they did it, it looks bad; maybe it's the font), Bus Gamer not being an online exclusive, peanut butter squares tasting even better when you use the Nestle's carmel/chocolate chips (although I could just be imagining it because we haven't had peanut butter squares with topping in like a year), and Nestle's carmel/chocolate chips.