September 12th, 2006



I was so happy that everybody was updating LiveJournal and we got to find out what's going on with people and stuff, and then I looked at our LiveJournal, and I was a little sad because most of our more recent entries were just random thoughts on things, which isn't really a problem, but I was thinking it might be better to write about something with more substance. Be careful what you wish for.

Today started out well enough. Dad called at eight-thirty in the morning, which is an hour after seven-thirty in the morning, so he gets points. But Celeste was asleep, which defeated the purpose of his calling, as he wanted to wish her a happy birthday. I might have woken her up, except that I knew she stayed up really late last night (we found out later she was up until three-thirty), and she had specifically told us not to wake her up when the new Relief Society president showed up, which was originally going to happen at ten.

People kept calling for Celeste. Well, mostly just Mom and her boyfriend. But when her boyfriend called and I told him we were letting her sleep in, he said he was calling to ask if she wanted to go to Sacramento with him today (he's a pilot and had to fly there for work), so I figured that was important enough to wake her up. But that put a damper in our plans, because we had scheduled Tigger to call and wish her happy birthday at noon.

So I rush in here to reschedule the call for 10:45 (it was 10:30 by then), which came very close to giving us away, because Celeste is a wanderer. Athena stayed in the living room in hopes of keeping her out there, but our being in separate rooms piqued her curiosity, so she had to come check on me. Fortunately, I sensed her coming and managed to minimize the window before she showed up.

The phone finally rang at 10:45, but it didn't work and we were sad. But then! it rang again and it all worked out and Celeste was amused, at least. We're still not sure whether or not she thought it was just ultra-dorky, but she did make it a point to cover her non-phone ear so she could hear better when a plane flew by.

But that's not the story I was talking about in the opening paragraph.

The new RS president came over, and we filled out an order for some storehouse food, which is great because I think it'll hold us through September, and by the end of the month, hopefully Celeste will have a job, and we'll definitely get a paycheck, so if we can pay rent then everything will be awesome. Then RS president talked to us for a while, and asked us if we had any ideas for Enrichment Night and stuff. We didn't, of course, because we like to learn about stuff, but there's not a whole lot that we're specifically interested in. Then she asked if there was anything we could teach for Enrichment Night, and we're like, "I don't know, I haven't done anything in forever." But then Athena saw the "oni" stamp she'd made on the bookshelf, and remembered that she can do that. RS president was very excited about it, and that seems like it could be a fun Enrichment Night activity, as well as good publicity. So that's all very exciting.

Then we came to what we knew would be the scary part of our day. We weren't too worried about it, because we knew it wouldn't take long, but we weren't very thrilled about it. Nevertheless, it had to be done, because it was the part where we e-mail the people we contacted at AX about translating. So we e-mailed the people in charge of freelancers at both the companies that had e-mailed us back before (we'll call them Jeremy and Eileen, to minimize confusion), and that was over easily and quickly. And then we figured that while we were at it, we should nudge our boss at TokyoPop and make sure she'd gotten the translation we'd sent, as well as asking about the titles mentioned at Rightstuf to see if we can really talk about them.

That's where things got messed up. We finished the e-mail and sent it, but after it was sent, Gmail showed us the page with Eileen's contact information. We freaked out because the e-mail we'd just sent had some confidential stuff, and because how weird would that have been for her to get that? And we sent an apology with many exclamation points.

And then I was smart enough to check our "sent mail" list. We had sent the e-mail to the right person after all.

So now of course we have to send another apology to Eileen, explaining where the first apology came from, and it was all very embarrassing, and probably wouldn't have been nearly as scary if it didn't feel like our livelihood was at stake. Fortunately, as we knew from her past e-mails, Eileen (which isn't her real name, by the way) is a very, very nice person, and in her response, all she said about it was, "Well, it's weird, but I'm glad you e-mailed..." And then she said she was going to e-mail us anyway, because she had something for us to translate! Yay!

(Normally, my crazy superstitions would have prevented me from mentioning potential work before it became actual work, but I needed to get that story off my chest, and it works better with the happy ending.)

Originally we had been planning on commencing Operation: Double Riku Power today, since we were sending out e-mails anyway, but we've had enough excitement for now. We'll see how adventurous we're feeling later.

Then to make things even weirder, Grandma called to wish Celeste a happy birthday. Grandma never calls, so it was most unusual. And of course Celeste is still in Sacramento, so I talked to her instead. Talking to people I don't know very well can sometimes make me very nervous, especially over the phone, and after all the e-mail excitement, I was freaking out. But it was actually very nice and not really scary at all.

And that was our adventurous day. And it's not quite 2:30 yet.

Today I'm thankful for the happy e-mails we've received, Final Fantasy Tactics, the trauma being over, still having cookies left for comfort food, and Disney Enchanted Calls.

And finally:


Even though you're probably not going to read this.