September 9th, 2006



Hours of sidequesting really messes with your brain. But we are inching ever closer to powering up all the celestial weapons.

Today started out weird, anyway. Mom called at seven-thirty in the morning because Celeste had taken Sarah's flip-flops (apparently without permission) and Sarah desperately needed them because she was going to the lake. Like you can't enjoy the lake wearing sneakers (unless you're in the water, but then you'd have taken off the flip-flops, too). The phone call came at the right time or hit the right nerve or something to prevent us from being able to go back to sleep, so I stayed awake in bed for two hours plotting my revenge. Though the plotting probably had something to do with the not getting back to sleep.

Then Nick decided to show two episodes of Avatar instead of one episode of the X's and then Danny Phantom, which really wasn't a problem, but we ended up missing Danny Phantom anyway, because Mom called and asked if we wanted to join her and Steve for lunch at Costco. Of course we never turn down a free lunch, so we went. And then after lunch when we were wandering around Costco, we ran into the ladies demonstrating the karaoke thing they were selling. That would have rocked so much more if we knew anything about American music.

Still, they seemed desperate to have people try it out, so we sang A Whole New World, which really doesn't work as a solo. There was a stupid jerkface who walked by as we were singing and groaned and covered his ears, so I was reluctant to sing anymore. But the one lady was very excited, so she started up Chim Chim Cheree (we had told her we mostly just know Disney stuff) and we couldn't walk away from that. She even recorded it! That was actually kind of bad, because then of course she had to play it back so we could hear it, and we were already self-conscious about it because of the stupid jerkface. And we don't like to listen to ourselves singing. But she was really nice and pointed out that that guy was just being mean and if he wasn't going to come sing karaoke himself, he had no right to complain. She also said the recording was really good and they were going to keep it. (We scored 93! I'm sure we could have done even better if it had been more consistent with the movie version.)

And then Mom saw a giant bucket of cookie dough and bought it for us, so I guess Sarah is spared. For now. *grin*

And then we came home and spent hours sidequesting, and now here we are. Today I'm thankful for giant buckets of cookie dough (makes up to 80 cookies!), food storage kits (hopefully we won't have to break into them before the month is out), the wonderful temperature it is today, times when the room doesn't smell like lighter fluid (our neighbors like to barbecue), and chimney sweeps.
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