September 8th, 2006


Potential good news for Kazuya Minekura fans

No new work orders for the Twins today. That means finding random ways to kill time. And the TokyoPop website has proven itself less than consistent in updating their release schedule (+ANIMA vol.2 comes out on Tuesday, but the only place that even mentions it on their website is a banner that occasionally pops up saying "Volumes 1 & 2, in stores now!"), so we decided to search the Rightstuf page, since the TokyoPop online store now goes through Rightstuf.

And as it turns out, not only does volume 2 of +ANIMA (by the way, I keep forgetting to mention it's pronounced "plus anima") come out on Tuesday, but it looks like it'll be a big day for Kazuya Minekura fans as well! We're not entirely trusting of this, because the TokyoPop website has been so weird, and it's only been two months since volume 4 came out, but apparently Saiyuki Reload 5 will be coming out on that day.

So what happened to it coming out in May 2007? Maybe it really is; we have no idea. But when people were asking about it at the TokyoPop forums, one of the TokyoPop people said that they had the book practically finished, but due to some issues with licensing or something they couldn't set a release date. And since a lot of bookstores require like ten weeks for shipping or something, they just said May 2007 as kind of a "we'll definitely have it out by then" date. Or something.

But now it looks like Saiyuki Reload 5 might be coming out on Tuesday, so those of you who are interested might want to check your local bookstores.

Also!!!! If this site is to be trusted, and Rightstuf usually is, Bus Gamer comes out on Tuesday!!!! It's a totally awesome series, and Saiyuki fans should all check it out! A few Kazuya Minekura fans on the TokyoPop forums mentioned not being able to stand it, but I think they're the ones that are obsessed with yaoi, and Bus Gamer is, I think, the least gay series of Minekura-sensei's. Although I think there's definitive proof in Saiyuki Reload 7 that Gojyo and Hakkai are not a couple.

Anyway, Bus Gamer! If you like Saiyuki you should check it out! It's kind of like that game in the second episode of Weiss Kreuz, only way more elaborately done, and much, much, much cooler. The guys in charge of Bus Game are clearly much better at setting these things up than Hokage, or whatever the name of that person was.

We also found out that three of the series we translate that haven't been mentioned on the TokyoPop website have at least tentative release dates. And two of them even have cover art! But we're still not sure if we're allowed to talk about them. Not like it would be that big a deal anyway; Rightstuf is already taking pre-orders. Perhaps I'll talk about them later.

Today I'm thankful for finding the link that takes you to all the TokyoPop stuff on the Rightstuf website, the imminent release date of Bus Gamer, temperatures being in the low nineties, not having to buy envelopes at the post office with the lady who seems to get mad at us for using envelopes (maybe it's because we'd pay for them after we've already put our stuff in them and addressed them; most normal post offices seem to expect you to do that), and the word "stellazzio."