September 7th, 2006


The making of Host Quiz

Some of you may remember this quiz that we posted a while back. We didn't mention at the time that we wrote it ourselves, because we wanted to be all sneaky and stuff, but we did resolve to write about it later, because it was a bit of an obsession, and we had a lot of fun writing it.

First, though, let me apologize for not being able to figure out how to change the code so that you can just post the picture, result, and link without making a mini-webpage out of it.

We had been saying for months that eventually we would write our own quiz (in fact the idea popped into our heads a few years ago), but we could never come up with questions. We had taken a "Which Moosebutter song are you?" quiz that I really liked because they set up one scenario and all the questions were connected to that. Maybe I liked it because it seemed like an easy way to write a quiz, but it was a fun quiz. (Sorry; I don't know the link.)

Anyway, since we were totally obsessed with Host Club one day when we took a quiz that really made us think, "We could do a better quiz than this," we started to think. We didn't get much farther than normal; we got the costume question and that was about it. But then one night at FHE we played improv games. In one of those games, there were two people playing themselves, and two other people playing their evil twins. The evil twin would tap the normal person on the shoulder, come wreak havoc, and then the normal person would have to explain their bad behavior. The game didn't work out so well, because one of the evil twins was a little overzealous and not very evil, but that gave me the idea for the evil twin question in the quiz. The answers for each member of the club came so easily, and the answer for Hikaru and Kaoru was just so awesome that we just had to finish the quiz.

And so, even though we were supposed to be translating Nosatsu Junkie (aka The Insaaaaaaaane Series), we spent three nights obsessing over this quiz. The first two were writing questions, and the third was writing descriptions and putting them on pictures.

Athena said we needed descriptions, and at first I agreed, but then they were really hard to write. But by the time we decided they were too hard to write, we had already written Tamaki's, and the first sentence seemed so brilliant to us that we couldn't not use it. (Ego much? (Yay! I'm like Tamaki!)) And so we persevered. Then we got to Haruhi's and decided we were all descriptioned out and took a break. We were very reluctant to get back to it, but then the first sentence for that one was brilliant, too, and overall we're pretty pleased with the results.

We had the hardest time with the description for the Hitachiin brothers. We love Hikaru and Kaoru dearly, but writing their description, we're like, "Wow, isn't there anything good we can say about them?"

Our one regret is that we didn't have better pictures. We checked some episodes of the anime where they introduce the club members, but there was always one member whose picture didn't match, and they either didn't have Haruhi, or Haruhi looked dumb. And we couldn't have that. So we took the pictures from the characters page at the official website. We wanted to get the quiz written and takable, so we decided they were good enough.

So now I want to post the answer key, because I think some of the answers are funnier for knowing who they're supposed to go with. But then, for all I know, you all figured them all out. So now you can judge for yourselves if our quiz was accurate.

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After we wrote the quiz, we were a little nervous watching the show, because we were afraid someone would do something that would prove our answers wrong and then we'd have to rewrite the whole thing. I still think it's pretty accurate, but of course that's just based on my interpretation.

After we posted the quiz, we weren't surprised to see that most people ended up with Haruhi, but we were surprised by how many people got Hikaru & Kaoru. They stayed among the highest results for a long time until Tamaki and Kyoya passed them up, but they seem to have made a come back. For the curious, as of this post, of all the people who took the quiz so far, 15% got Tamaki, 17% got Kyoya, 15% got Hikaru & Kaoru, 10% got Honey, 18% got Mori, and 25% got Haruhi.

And that's our Host Quiz.

Today I'm thankful for Quizilla, boys coming over with peanut butter M&Ms, leftover pizza, all the people who voted on our quiz, and the entertainment provided when people play with Celeste's head (I only say it because I know in the end she'll have enjoyed the whole thing; more on that later).