September 6th, 2006


Too scattered to think of a title

We were just at the AX forums, and someone started a thread about Steve Irwin. Most people were a little sad about it, but there was one person who said he was asking for it, for being so horrible to animals. Another person came on and bravely defended him, saying that Steve Irwin says in just about everything how much he loves animals, and we cheered! But that person made the mistake of asking, "Are you effing crazy?" And so the moderator came and said, "You should respect people's opinions, and there's no way a guy like Steve Irwin respects animals."

The problem here is this: people see a little bit of something they don't like, or they hear about it from someone else, and they decide they know all about it without taking the time to actually find out for themselves what it's all about. Anyone who watches, let's say... three? full episodes of Crocodile Hunter should know that Steve Irwin cares about animals. Depending on the episodes, they might not learn how much, but it's there. He is a little crazy, but who isn't?

Anyway, my point is don't judge a book by its cover. Or an anime by its genre. Or a person by their superhero costume. Or something. I'm having a hard time typing coherently right now; today has been weird.

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Today I'm thankful for not having to walk three miles in 100 degree weather, weather forecasts that predict a high of 88 degrees on Saturday (it's finally getting cooler!), comfort pizza, the new series we're working on, and my new philosophy (which I'm still working on implementing): What have I done today to deserve random gifts of cookies?