September 3rd, 2006


Finally home

Today for Relief Society and Elder's Quorum, our ward decided to not have a meeting, and instead have everybody pair off and go find the houses of inactive members and see what we could do about re-activating them. It's a very good idea, having members go fellowship people and stuff, but the idea of going to the house of someone we've never met has never been an appealing one for either of us. In fact, it's one of the main reasons neither of us wants to go on a mission (although one of those tour guide deals might be fun). And so suddenly being told that that's what we're going to do was not happy.

Fortunately, Celeste had just met our one of our former visiting teachers, and since she's good friends with Celeste's boyfriend, they hit it off really well. They decided to pair together almost immediately, and we all decided we could go with them. There actually ended up being five of us, because VT's friend's brother came with us too.

First we had to wait while Celeste took VT to her car, because VT's car could fit more people in it and had more gas. Then we had a list of three people to find. We called them all first, and the first number was disconnected. At the second number, the sister of the people we were looking for picked up, and they weren't home, and she didn't know when they would be. At the third number, a guy picked up who we suspect was the person we were looking for, but he claimed not to be, and he said the person we were looking for wasn't home. So VT left her phone number and said if he didn't call in a week, she'd probably call again. She's a return missionary, so she was very gung-ho about everything.

Then we went to the house of the person whose phone was disconnected, and after wandering around the apartment complex for a while, we found the place, knocked a few times, and then noticed none of the lights were on. So all in all, we got a bunch of try agains. But since Athena and I didn't just have Celeste take us home, I think we did alright. It's true you have to leave your comfort zone, but you don't have to take a giant leap out of it.

And now we're finally home. And I'm thankful for having nice people that make it easier when schemes are suddenly thrust upon us, being home, having our own music to listen to so we don't have to have country music stuck in our heads, not having to go out again today, and people calling Celeste so she doesn't have to be sad about not having her cellphone.
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