August 7th, 2006


Having a really nice day, really nice day, really nice day~~~

We're feeling a lot better now, I think. We didn't get to play as much Kingdom Hearts as we'd hoped, because Sarah called asking us to go over to Mom's place because Mom's grandmother and uncle had dropped in. It was actually very random, but we had a nice visit and we got ice cream afterwards. There's a some speculation that we were feeling down because of low blood sugar, and eating ice cream last night and cookies this morning helped. But really, it's probably more Kingdom Hearts and other happy things.

We also got an e-mail from our Japanese penpal. This time we were especially looking forward to it, because when we contact companies that aren't so familiar with the manga we've translated about work, they ask for samples, and we never know what we should send, so we asked our penpal if he would write something for us. In his last e-mail, he said he'd be happy to, and asked what we'd like him to write. So we told him a basic idea of the kind of thing we wanted, and then, since I know I would want some idea of exactly what to write about if I was asked to write something, we threw out some ideas for themes.

We thought of the ideas like this: We had no idea what kind of content to ask for, so Athena was like, "We could say something like, 'We want the theme to be... friendship,' or something." So we spent a while trying to come up with a good idea for a theme, and friendship seemed to work, since it's a common theme in a lot of our favorite things (Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Kingdom Hearts). We also asked Celeste (over AIM, since she wasn't living with us just yet) if she had any ideas, and she said "Socks." Only it was more like "socks" because she doesn't use capitalization, or periods if it's obvious where the sentence ends.

So I told our penpal that the theme could be friendship, but if he wanted, he could go with a different theme, like cats or rain or something, and I added as a little joke that we asked our little sister and she said socks. And so of course, he came up with a story involving all four of those. At first I was impressed that he included socks without making it a gag thing, but thinking about it now, in Japan, socks plus rain very easily equals drama.

I would summarize the summary (it was a long summary; we said it could be about so long, and the summary was about one and a half times that), but I haven't asked his permission to post anything on the internet, so I don't want to type it up somewhere so public. I like the idea a lot. But I don't think I'd get in trouble if I said one of the main characters just transferred to a new school and is having a hard time making friends. Our penpal doesn't know about our recent angst session or any of the reasons behind it, so it was kind of trippy.

We keep trying to work on translating Host Club, but progress is very slow. It's really just bad timing I guess, because if we hadn't watched anime first, we would have had plenty of time before Celeste got home. Speaking of which, it's kind of strange watching the Angelique anime, because some of the costumes just scream to be cosplayed, so I'm like, "Ooooh... cosplay..." and then I'm like, "No! You already cosplayed Angelique! And it was kind of a painful experience!" But then... these costumes would be easier... Eh, it wouldn't be the same without a group, anyway.

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We got interrupted in Agrabah, but we finished there when we got home from Mom's place. Sarah came home with us to spend the night so she could hang out with Celeste, and we're like, "Eh, it's okay that she hasn't even seen the end of KH1; there's no plot stuff where we are." So we finished up at Agrabah and were reminded that there's very important plot stuff that happens after that. Oops.

Today I'm thankful for chocolate cookies with butterscotch chips, little sisters who like to cook, once again having money in our account, stories with socks, and opportunities to work more on Host Club.