August 6th, 2006


Beware of angst

I am currently sharing a chair with Mimsy. She doesn't seem to like sharing much, which is why the first time I tried it she left right away. But this time, and the time before that, she was more stubborn. It's hard, because the only reason we're sharing is that she got to the chair first, which means she has the back, and I have nothing to lean against. But she got sick of it as I was typing this paragraph, so it's all good now.

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Sorry about the angst post; it's just the main thing that's been on my mind. But soon we'll be playing Kingdom Hearts II and everything will be happy, at least after we get through Port Royal. Today I'm thankful for Just Legal being back on the WB tonight, not having to drive four hours yesterday, having the good fortune of catching the commercials for the TV shows we want to see in time for us to remember when they'll start airing (like "Who wants to be a Superhero?"), getting to see Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy again on Wednesday, and getting to play Kingdom Hearts II today.

Oh! I almost forgot! Happy birthday Raoul!!!!