August 5th, 2006


Whine, whine, whine

Today we found out, almost by mistake, that Mom and Sarah and Steve's family are all at Universal Studios. Celeste told us that the reason Mom told her we weren't invited is that they didn't have enough room in the car. Room in the car or no, it still makes us feel unloved. It's seriously like we ceased to exist once Celeste came to stay at our apartment. Celeste, on the other hand, has already been over to their place for dinner. It's baffling. But I guess it makes sense, since we wouldn't have wanted to eat anything they were having for dinner, and if they invited us to go to Universal Studios, we'd likely spend a great deal of the ride there explaining why they desperately need to go to Disneyland.

And we also have no right complain because today our anime buddy called and said that some friends were going to the lake and invited us to go along. As you may be able tell, I'm sitting here typing, and not at the lake. I also have no idea which lake she was referring to or where it is, but that really isn't an important factor, since we wouldn't have been driving anyway.

We're still getting used to the new situation with Celeste being here. It's actually kind of nice, but it's still weird, so there's still a little bit of stress, especially because none of us knows how long she'll be here and what she's going to do with herself while she is.

Man, I feel like all I'm doing is complaining today. Episode 18 of Host Club was awesome! That's happy. And we got the rent paid!

Also, we promised pudges a list of some of our favorite voice actors and what they're in, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for Host Club 18, not yet being out of band-aids, help paying the rent, voice actors from Aichi, and seiyuu databases.