July 31st, 2006



First of all, I'd like to wish Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe a happy birthday! Not that either of them is reading this.

Today I'm updating a little earlier than usual, because I wanted to make sure to get my Kingdom Hearts II review in before things got crazy with other stuff, and an unexpected development made it likely that they'll get crazy today rather than Wednesday.

So we were watching Kirarin Revolution, and I was agreeing with Hiroto and Seiji about how when you're in a situation with a lot of competition and it's like a battle, you can't be all whiny and like, "Why can't we all just get along!?" you have to learn to enjoy it, but at the same time thinking, "Why do people have to make contests out of everything?" when we heard a knock at the door. We knew we wouldn't be getting anything from TokyoPop for a few days, but the only people who come over at this time of day (meaning before four o'clock; I really have much less of an idea what time on average anyone comes by) are the Jehovah's Witnesses, who already came by this month, and the UPS guy. So we both thought, "It can't be!"

But it was! Our Saiyuki Reload and Host Club manga has finally arrived!

I say "finally," but like I said earlier, we didn't expect it to come until Wednesday. For some reason probably involving not knowing how to use the website right, we couldn't track the package, so we checked our LJ from last year to see about how long it took DN Angel to get here, and it looked like it took about a week. So today we were pleasantly surprised.

There is the slight concern that we just started Elemental Gelade 4 today, but since the deadline's not until October, we figure it's alright to take a break, especially since translating Saiyuki ultimately helps us with our job anyway. Host Club is another concern entirely, but since that would be a repeat of what we saw in the anime, we've chosen to go with Saiyuki first, because that will be new story.

We read Kazuya Minekura's comment on the inside cover, and she talks about how the cover is purple, which is Sanzo's color, but he's not in it much. But she cuts herself off, so we don't know if she's saying "sukunai ya (he's not in it much (with the rest of the sentence))," or "sukuna... iya (he's not in it m... no)." She then goes on to say to make sure to look under the cover, but after reading the book, because (she said in her web log) it's a spoiler. This intrigues me.

So hopefully, having not gone fully into Saiyuki mode yet, I'll be able to focus on Kingdom Hearts enough to remember all the stuff I wanted to say.

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And that's it for this week's KH2 review, but I don't think we have time to start on Saiyuki before 8 Simple Rules. Alas.

Today I'm thankful for getting a happy package from UPS, finny fun, Kinokuniya sending packages quickly, the pretty purple color of the Reload 7 cover, and getting a new series to work on.