July 29th, 2006



Okay, so not really. We have a lot of anime to watch, so I have no right to be bored. But we did just spend a long time working on stuff that seemed like it really shouldn't have taken that long to do.

We did finally get to watch Host Club 17 today! l33t-raws was late posting it, so we were sad, but distracted with so much other stuff that we weren't too devastated. Then baranoneko told us that it was up on YouTube, but for some reason we'd just rather not watch it there. It's very difficult to explain, but for some reason the idea is just very blah. So we decided to wait, even though I was slightly worried that they would wait until the next episode came out and release them both at once.

But today it was finally available at l33t-raws, and it was very happy. But then the episode didn't have enough of Tamaki-sama♥. But that's okay because it's an awesome show anyway. I want to know who will play Kyoya's brothers (assuming they ever talk). But I don't want to know until they do talk, because I'm crazy.

We're really running out of space on our computer, which is a problem because the latest episode of Eyeshield21 is frickin' 400M. 400!! And this time the two rival players are going to be versus Sena and Hiruma! Hiruma!!! We almost never get to see him actually playing! We're thinking we'll delete Kage Kara Mamoru, but the thought always makes me very sad. We really are going to have to part with The Law of Ueki at some point, unless we can somehow get a burner. We'll just have to see what happens. But the last episode of Eyeshield21 (l33t-raws was behind, so we're behind) was awesome. That show makes me happy.

I guess that's all for now. Today I'm thankful for playful kitties, Host Club 17, having free time to work on crazy stuff that takes forever, clocks, and Host Rangers!

H♥st Quiz!!!

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And for Athena...

You are Mitsukuni Haninozuka!
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I guess that goes to show that just because we are twins doesn't mean we're most like the twins. But we always knew that. And we're still going to cosplay them.
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