July 27th, 2006



Today started very sadly, probably just because I have a hard time waking up, and I was sad to leave my bed. And then we went to Mamoru Miyano's web log and he was talking about things we desperately want but can't afford. Normally, since Miyano-kun's blog is the last website we check as part of our morning Internet routine, unless we want to procrastinate and check other websites like the TokyoPop message boards, I would have closed the Internet window and gone off to sulk over breakfast.

But today was the day the habit of checking the Kinokuniya website finally stuck. We'd been checking since Monday, because we decided that, since we were good and went to the dentist, and we ended up not having to pay for a root canal, that we could spare some money on a book that came out on the 25th (which was the 24th here in America). And today was the day that it was finally in stock in some of Kinokuniya's West Coast stores.

Saiyuki Reload 7♥!!!

Eheh. So I like to be dramatic. I had almost forgotten why we kept checking the Kinokuniya website until I realized they actually had it today. And suddenly the day was a whole lot better.

Then it was time to decide on one other book to get, because $5 shipping doesn't quite justify one book. Or rather, it didn't justify one book when we bought DN Angel last year, which costs only a little more than half as much as Saiyuki, but we figured it would be okay anyway. We could call it our annual Kinokuniya Order. That's actually rather depressing. Never mind.

It was mostly a toss up between Lagoon Engine, as we are self-proclaimed Yukiru Sugisaki experts, and volume 5 has been out for at least a month now and we don't even have our own copy of volume 4, and Host Club, because it's Host Club. Really the only reason we hesitated about Host Club is that we both love it too much to take turns reading it, so we would want to work together translating it, because that way we're reading it at the same time. But there's already a translation of it out, so it seems kind of silly.

So today we decided we don't care, and bought the first two volumes. Maybe we shouldn't have splurged too much, but we very thankfully have a cooling trend coming up and aren't using our air conditioning. And soon we'll have Host Club manga!! And Saiyuki Reload 7!!! We finally get proof that what we were lead to believe happened at the end of volume 6 wasn't as serious as it looked! We hope. Eheh.

But then we ended up not being able to see Cars. We're going to try again tomorrow, so hopefully it'll all be good, but that upset me a lot more than it should have. Especially when we're expecting more Saiyuki and Host Club manga. Not sure what we'll end up doing about Lagoon Engine, though. We'll work it out eventually.

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There. Now I've caught up on my KH2 review, and I am satisfied.

Today I am thankful for Bookweb, Saiyuki Reload 7 being in stock, cooling trends, getting caught up on my KH2 review, and being able to translate the Insaaaaaaaane Series which is really fun and awesome.

Who wants to be a superhero?

We just watched the coolest show ever. Maybe you've heard of "Who wants to be a superhero?" on the Sci-Fi Channel? You should watch it, because it's the best show ever. It's a reality show, but instead of trying to eliminate the other players, you're trying to be a superhero, which means you have to be a good person and all that stuff.

We love it because so many comic book and anime geeks seem to be so focused on knowing more than anyone else, or being able to make a profit based on these characters, that they don't seem to have learned any of the lessons that these comic books teach. And based on the first episode, it looks like Stan Lee (the host) is trying to teach all the players, and through them, the audience, what it really means to be a superhero.

And it's totally awesome the way they did the secret headquarters, and the way they set up all the plasma TVs that Mr. Lee talks to them through and stuff. And the way they do the music all dramatic and superheroic. It's like a reality superhero movie.

Everybody should check it out! It's the bestest show ever!