July 22nd, 2006


Random stuff

Today we found out that we have a desktop weather thingie for our computer! It's pretty neat, because now we can just look down at the toolbar and it tells us what temperature it is. We're not sure why we turned it off before, causing us to forget about it, but the current theory is that we had it on in the winter and it was just depressing. Now that I think about it, it's still kind of depressing, but it's fun to look at and say, "Look how hot it is here! All those people who can't stand temperatures in the nineties are pansies." But it is pretty dry here, so usually it feels a little cooler than the actual temperature.

Our remote stopped working, too. It was pretty funny because we used the batteries I thought we were saving for the remote to fix the AC. But then I found out that the remote uses AAA batteries, which is pretty obvious now that I think of it. Then I replaced the batteries and it still didn't work. It was only a cause for alarm because for some reason using either of the channel buttons on the TV will automatically take us to channel 3. But I managed to fix it by doing a code search and configuring the remote back to our TV. I wonder how it got all weird.

Faced with the prospect of having to delete all our Law of Ueki episodes to make more room on our harddrive, we thought we might actually get a DVD burner if we ask for one for Christmas so we can burn all our Eyeshield21 episodes. But then we remembered that Steve doesn't get you anything if you ask for it. Or at least he doesn't get us anything if we ask for it. We have a Plan, but we don't know if it will work, and at any rate Christmas is really far away, so we'll probably end up deleting Ueki anyway, since the first two volumes are out on DVD and we really shouldn't be keeping it.

And I'm typing a lot of random things because I'm a little bored. We're still waiting for the book we've been waiting for to translate. We emailed our boss about it, and we think she sent it on Thursday, so hopefully it'll get here on Monday. There's still hope for it getting here, today, too. It's crazy hot, though, so I wouldn't blame the UPS guy for wanting to wait until Monday, when they're predicting it'll be a few degrees cooler.

We took a "Which member of Organization XIII are you?" quiz that we linked to from kurosaki_koi. It was kind of interesting, but I'm not sure they got the personalities right. I mean, yeah, Marluxia is pink and girly, but I don't think he's that obsessed with his pink girliness. I guess it was more meant to be funny than accurate. But really, I don't think Roxas sleeps in excess. They just happen to show him sleeping more than anyone else because it's part of the plot. And if you have all the members' numbers memorized, it's really easy to rig. One of these days, we keep saying, we'll write our own personality quiz, and it'll be awesome. But first we have to think of questions. Yar.

Maybe we do take things too seriously. But to us, the quiz would be more fun if it was accurate than if it told me which the writers' exaggerated views of the characters I am. Ah well.

We finally found out today that Satoshi in "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" is not only not played by Akira Ishida, but is played by a girl. We were very sad. This series seems like such the type of thing Ishida-san would like to do, too. Maybe they'll introduce a new character.

We also found out that the one guy in the opening sequence of Gunparade Orchestra was not an older version of Atsushi from Gunparade March. It's pretty obvious when you think about all the dates they keep telling you, but we were still sad. We are so Ishida-san deprived. Maybe we should go rewatch some stuff he's in.

I guess that's all. Today I'm thankful for being prepared with batteries, little red heart thingies for Oreo to play with, desktop weather thingies, not having to go outside today, and School's Out: The Musical being on tonight.