July 15th, 2006


Heat advisory

For some reason I seem to be getting irritated more easily these days. Maybe it's the heat. We're on heat advisory again this weekend, but we haven't turned on the air conditioning yet. I kind of want to see how much we can endure, but I do worry about the cats. It's a lot easier to tell when one of us is getting sick from the heat than it is with the cats, especially since now they're hiding in closets (closets being the coolest places in the apartment).

Our fan (floor fan; we have three ceiling fans) had an interesting encounter with a bag of groceries yesterday. The only thing I can figure is that when the groceries ran into it, the casing fell backwards while momentum or centripedal or centrifugal force kept the blades upright. Then one of the blades ran into one of the vertical bars inside the casing, causing it to bend a way it shouldn't bend. We took it apart and tried taping the blade back in place with electrical tape, since we're pretty sure electrical tape can withstand the heat caused by resistance to electricity, and that worked pretty well until we turned the fan on again this morning.

We figured that the problem is that electrical tape is too stretchy, so now we've tried it again with packing tape. So far, everything's working fine, but we're still a little worried about leaving the fan on overnight, in case the tape stops holding as well and the blade bends out of shape again, stopping the fan. If that happened in the middle of the night, we wouldn't be able to turn the fan off, and the electricity would still go to the motor, which would still try to move the fan, and I'm afraid the resistance will cause the fan to heat up so much that the plastic melts and eventually something might catch on fire. Maybe we're a little paranoid.

With all this heat, though, it's really hard to do stuff on the computer. I guess it's just as well, since we don't have any books to translate at the moment. Still, I need to write an e-mail to our Japanese penpal, and the way I do that, it takes way longer than it should, so it helps to have plenty of monitor time. Although, when things take longer than they should, sometimes it helps to take a break, and having to let the monitor cool down is a good reason to do that.

No Justice League tonight, sadly. We saw a commercial for... was it called Legion of Superheroes...? and it has me concerned, because it looks like The Batman, only with Justice League. We only saw one episode and some bits of The Batman, so we can't hold too much against it, but if they stop making Justice League because of this Legion thing, that would make me very very sad.

I guess that's all for now. Man, I wish there was more interesting stuff to read on the internet or something. Not that we should have our monitor on that long without turning on the AC. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for getting our fan to work again, double chocolate milkshakes, finally seeing the first half of the bowling episode of Foster's, Eyeshield21 66, and seasons.