July 11th, 2006


Before I jump into the Disneyland report....


There are many reasons for that, but for now, let's say the main one is that we finally watched episode 64 of Eyeshield21, and there's a new character named Riku! Riku!!! His coloring is a lot like Kingdom Hearts Riku's, his eyes are similar (but a little bigger), his personality is like KH Riku's, his whole character setup is so much like KH Riku's that there must be a KH fan in the staff. Especially because the White Knights just played against the Karibu Pirates (say it out loud). It's especially funny, of course, because Sena is played by the voice of Sora. We really wonder what Mamoru Miyano♥ thinks of this new character (being the KH Riku, but unable to be the Eyeshield21 Riku, as he's already Sakuraba).

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And that's it for the complete and utter awesomeness that was AX2006 and Disneyland. I hope things are that awesome next year, too.

Today I'm thankful that the weather is a few degrees cooler, musical chairs with Disney characters, Disneyland's First Aid center, the awesomeness that is Disneyland's 50th Anniversary Celebration, and being able to experience it yet again.