July 9th, 2006


More reporting

I just realized it's almost a week aft...dude, an Akito (Fruits Basket) skin just came up with Dearly Beloved. That's scary.

Anyway, it's almost a week after last Monday (that'll happen on Sundays) and I still haven't reported about Monday at AX. I guess that's what happens when I only report one day per day and I started almost a week after we left. But the reports are long, and I don't want to bog the people who want read them down with too much reading. Ah well.

Collapse )

And our monitor is definitely not happy with being on for so long in this heat, so I think I'll finish this up, look up the cast of Shadow Skill, and then find something non-monitor-requiring to do. Tonight I'm thankful for fortune-telling Pocky, The helpful Hand of Fate, Ramune, surviving the ATM line -AX 2006, and having little things to help me remember all the details like raffle ticket numbers.