July 8th, 2006


Lame update

I was planning on at least posting about Monday at AX today, but stuff happened, we saw Pirates, there was some stress involving family and family-related people, and everything took way longer than it should have. And we need video games. So today's update will be short.

Like I said, we saw Pirates of the Caribbean. It was pretty awesome. Compared to the first movie, it seemed like more action, less plot, which I didn't care for so much, but the action was all very well done so I wasn't bored. But I think I liked the first movie better. Though I think the third movie has the potential to be exceedingly awesome. I think Barbossa made a better villain, too. I wonder if that's because, according to the Gore Verbinski commentary on the Black Pearl DVD, Geoffrey Rush was like completely obsessed with the role.

That's all for now. Too lazy to cut for spoilers, so no spoilers. Tonight I'm thankful for Under the Sea in Japanese, getting to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, getting to eat Pizza Hut pizza, DVD commentaries, and steel drums.
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