July 6th, 2006



We're back, we're safe, we're alive... barely. Extremely exhausted. There's too much walking at that convention, even with all the escalators and elevators. I guess it just goes to show how lacking we are in the exercise department.

And after two hours, we've finally gotten caught up on all our computer checking stuff (e-mail, web comics, LJ, etc.) We're planning on posting a full con report... but now we're way too tired. And! Host Club 14 just finished downloading.

Now reporting

Well, we still haven't fully recovered, but we've recovered enough. We're usually too impatient to wait for a full recovery before we go on to the next thing anyway, and we have shiny new music to listen to, and I'd feel guilty if all I did was sit and listen, since it's almost all BGMs and we can't spend the whole CD staring at lyrics. So I might as well begin our con report, right?

Let's see how far I get before I decide I'm too tired to go on.

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Brief non-con-report note: The Beast's Castle music (normal, not even battle mode) in KH2 is called Waltz of the Damned. Are they allowed to use that kind of language?

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And those are the first two days, but I've been typing for an hour and a half now, so I think it's time to stop. Also...


Miyu Irino singing Under the Sea is the cutest thing ever! And, since there are a lot of Naruto fans out there, I want to point out that the voice of Orochimaru is the Japanese dub voice of Ursula.

Tonight I'm thankful for AX, an awesome day at Disneyland, the KH2 soundtrack, making it home safely, and kitties still being alive when we got here.