June 29th, 2006


I can't believe we're leaving for AX tomorrow!!!

It's really neat, actually. This year, since we didn't spend any time making a bazillion new costumes, I have time to be excited, and I'm not panicking about getting things done. In fact, we are so on top of things that not only have we already started packing, but we actually spent some time cleaning the place. It's not perfect, but it's also not something that we'd come home to and say, "I can't believe this mess!" which is somewhat better than last year.

We were actually going to spend the time we normally watch 8 Simple Rules catching up on some anime, but we walked into the room after doing some cleaning and realized the monitor had been left on the whole time. The weather's a little cooler, but we still didn't want to risk it, so we turned on 8 Simple Rules (we knew it was going to be the episodes right after John Ritter died) while we got some packing done. It was then that we realized we didn't know where Ban's shirt was. So we looked through the entire apartment twice until we found it! Tadah! Good thing we decided to start packing early.

l33t-raws is late in releasing Host Club this week. It's okay; we'll wait it out. I just think it would be really funny if we end up staying up until two so we can watch Host Club, because we thought we might actually get to bed on time the night before AX this year. But in the meantime, we have that awesome dungeon game thingie that kabochan posted in her LJ. I don't think we're going to post it here until we actually make it through our dungeon. It's seriously all about luck for us.

Today I'm thankful for surviving our trip to the post office, the 99cents store having bags of peanut butter filled Hershey Kisses, finally having shoulder pads for Goku that won't keep falling out of place, our printer working, and pretty parchment paper.