June 20th, 2006



Last night we had a pretty interesting Family Home Evening. It was a video scavenger hunt, and it was apparently designed with the express purpose of having everyone make fools of themselves in public. If we'd known that ahead of time, we so would have cosplayed.

Of course, the fun part was really only the making of the videos. Watching all the videos afterward turned out to be pretty boring, except for the one group that acted out a citizen's arrest. The guy doing the arresting had the awesomest shirt we've ever seen. It was all black with kind of a bronze/rust colored design on it that looked suspiciously like the symbol for Hyrule used in Ocarina of Time. We don't like to jump to conclusions, though, so when we first saw it we got annoyed waiting for him to turn around so we could see the official Legend of Zelda logo on the back of the shirt.

We talked to him about it later, and apparently Athena and I were only the second and third people to recognize it. He said everyone else asked him, "What band is that?"

While we were waiting for one of the groups to set up their camera so we could watch their video, a bunch of people started singing the original Ninja Turtles theme song. They finished that and then went on to Rescue Rangers, which they didn't even really seem to know. We joined in, but they didn't seem to notice. It was really depressing because cartoons are our thing! And we thought everyone knew that. In fact, one of the girls in the group singing is someone I know for a fact that we have told we're obsessed with Disney and cartoons. She probably forgot. It seems like everybody does these days.

They later went on to sing the Ducktales theme, and one guy even knew the second verse. We talked to him after the activity and asked him if he could do the Mario, because we felt like we needed to prove ourselves a little, and he was friendly about it, but he seemed more interested in hooking his camera back up to the TV and watching his group's video again. We are so left out.

But we consoled ourselves with the fact that none of those people probably know Yakko's World, and as we were leaving the guy with the Zelda shirt waved to us, so at least we weren't completely ignored, and that made me feel better.

In other news, Mom agreed to use her card to pay for our business cards, but she wanted to get some work done first. We don't know if we'll hear from her again. In the meantime, we got our costumes out to see what needed to be done touchup-wise, and we remembered how much we love our HaruToki costumes. Those Heian guys really knew how to dress comfortably. And so we're getting more and more excited about AX. And more and more worried, since we're really not sure how payment stuff is going to work. But we're optimistic. There's still time for things to work out.

Today I'm thankful for new Pepper Dennis tonight, hearing from our boss, having pretty costumes already made (the HaruToki ones really didn't get enough exposure last year--not that anyone would recognize them anyway), it looking like the kanji will work on the design we originally chose after all, and Strawberry Marshmallow, out on DVD today! Everybody who can rent it, please check it out!