June 8th, 2006


Slowly, slowly...

He sank into the sea~~ Although we tried to save him, he sank into the sea~~~!

It was all going so well until the one guy had to start going on and on and on forever. Actually, we like this guy because he talks normally, and not all formal and military and stuff. That's right, we're still working on Seikai no Senki. We're getting closer to the third-way mark. Ever closer...

And now we're waiting for Mom to call about taking us to Target. Then we can use our gift cards to get a fan, and she can get Disney Scene It, and we can go to their place and destroy everyone! Mwahahahahahaaaa!

Mom called earlier because she wanted to tell everyone about her adventures with the rat. Apparently it got a hold of one of Steve's candy bars and decided to eat it in their closet. She e-mailed us a picture of it, but we didn't look at it, because on the phone she told us that she took the picture after the maintenance guy took it out to the street and hit it with a shovel to kill it. I am interested to see if it's really as huge as she says it was, but I'm not interested in seeing a smashed rat head. She said you can't see the smashed head from the picture, but we'd rather not chance it.

Today I'm thankful for Host Club 10, informal dialogue, getting ever closer to reaching our goal, no longer being confused about tomorrow's schedule, and not having rats.