June 7th, 2006


How deep is your heart?

Five whole more minutes on Seikai no Senki! Woohoo!

I'm sure it wouldn't be so hard if we were more familiar with all the specialized vocabulary in this series. I feel like that's all we did today. Probably because it is.

We watched some anime, too. Juuousei is actually a pretty neat series. We just realized today that the guy who plays the older version of the main character (so not fifteen) also sang the opening theme. That's actually pretty unusual, since usually it's the main girl that sings the opening theme. And interestingly, the voice of the younger version of the main character is the singer in Two-Mix.

Celeste randomly called and asked if we remembered a song from a Disneyland commercial, supposedly from the mid 90's, that had a bunch of Disneyland cast members putting numbers to music. We're not convinced it's from then, because we have no recollection of it whatsoever, but it may have aired at a time when we were annoyed at anything reminding us that Disneyland existed and we couldn't be there, so maybe we ignored them. She gave us an hour to look it up for her, but we went back to playing Final Fantasy X for a while first (the monitor was still cooling down, and we were in the middle of something).

We did do a little searching while working on Seikai no Senki, but we got nothing. We really shouldn't multi-task anyway; it decreases productivity by 40%. Only I just made up that percentage. We did find a website where someone took pictures of little details at Disneyland for you to guess where the pictures were taken. It claimed that if you don't recognize them, maybe it's been too long since you've been there. Ironically, a lot of the pictures were of things that are no longer at Disneyland, like a sign from the Country Bear Jamboree.

Today I'm thankful for Juuousei, progress bars that make it easy to cue things up, the marine layer cycle (which is sorely missed now that we're not in Southern California), detailed fansites, and filtration systems.

And remember, if you haven't checked out honyaku_dojo yet, please do! And if you have checked it out and want to join and haven't, then get to it! (I'm looking at you, pudges)