May 29th, 2006


I'm going to be so sore tomorrow...

Or maybe I made myself sore enough today that it'll all heal over night. I've had that happen before. I think.

I scrubbed the bathtub today. It was exhausting, but now the tub looks a lot better, and that's always good. Also, our Internet was out this morning, and it was still out when we got back from seeing X-Men, so I had to call tech support. The guy (he had a French accent; it was awesome except that I have a hard enough time understanding people on the phone when they don't have accents) asked me to check the phone filter-y thing that the Internet cable is hooked up to before it goes into the phone jack.

Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, except that the phone jack the computer's hooked up to is under the bunkbeds, which are in a corner, meaning I have to crawl all the way to under the bunkbeds to the other side to get to the phone jack. And the bottom bunk is big. And we were trying out a bunch of stuff, so I ended up having to go back and forth a lot. As it turns out, we just needed a new filter, which is good, because we fixed it easily. But it still made me tired.

X-Men was pretty awesome, of course. I've heard people say they liked it despite the liberties that were taken, but when we thought about it, and all the alternate universes we keep hearing exist in comic book worlds, you could just think of the movie version as another parallel world, in which case everything is completely cannon. Or something.

At any rate, I'm in love with Angel♥ I've always had a thing for guys with wings (or at least I have since DN Angel), and then he was played by Tucker from Flash Forward! We love that show! And it was funny because just like two days ago we were thinking about Disney Channel shows and their stars and how they don't often go on to do anything else. And we were talking about Flash Forward and Athena was thinking, "He may never be in anything again..." And then there he was!

Celeste called Sarah when we were eating lunch afterward, and we mentioned Tucker being in X-Men, and Celeste is all like, "Duh!" So in our defense, we never saw the commercials closely enough when they were showing Angel to realize that it was him. And then we looked him up and realized that he's in a bunch of stuff; we're just not watching anything. But we already knew that, because everytime our Japanese penpal, in Japan, mentions an American TV show or movie that he's seen, we're like, "Uh..." Sometimes we've heard of them!

I was going to post our neat theory about why Hank McCoy was played by a different guy in X2 than X3, but then we found out that Kitty was played by a different actress too, so our theory doesn't hold any water any more.

Also when we were eating lunch afterward, Steve brought up his trip to Epcot to tell us how impressed he was with the turle encounter thingie where guests get to interact with Crush the turtle from Finding Nemo. We already knew about the attraction (even though we haven't seen it), so it actually gave us an excellent reason to start trying to get Mom to take us to Disneyland again, since the attraction originated in Disney's California Adventure. Or at least, I think it started there, since that's where it was talking about in the Disney Insider newsletter, and it's rare that they talk about DCA and not Disney World.

I don't know if it worked to convince Mom, but Steve was in complete awe of the attraction, so here's hoping. He tried asking a cast member to tell him how it worked (it's an actual computer-generated Crush that really talks to the guests (for example, the newsletter we read it in mentioned him asking a kid what he had for dinner, and the kid said turtle soup, and he ran away and hid behind a rock)), but she was adamant. I applaud her, because Steve isn't cool enough to know, and because any good cast member knows that you're supposed to "Value the magic." Also, anyone who was at AX the one year with Max got to see how it works! Something like a mix between puppetry and motion capture or something. I can't really explain it.

Oh! Everwood's about to start! Tonight I'm thankful for a scrubbed bathtub, cute boys with angel wings, our Internet working again, the good kind of tired that comes from being productive, and having been treated to a movie and lunch.