May 25th, 2006



We've been such slackers today. I feel like we got nothing done, but today seems to have been ordained to be a lazy day for us anyway. There was some crazy thing with the power last night that turned our alarm clock off, and for some reason Oreo decided not to wake Athena up to feed him, so we ended up sleeping until after 10:30.

When we were done doing our morning stuff (breakfast, scriptures, etc.), Host Club 8 had finished downloading, and it was awesome (though the girl who posted the episode claims that the manga of that part is waaaay better. I believe her, but the episode was still good). And after that we made a Kingdom Hearts icon! Collapse )

We got the picture from one of the awesome wallpapers we got at the Japanese Kingdom Hearts II website. Some people may recognize it from the cover of the instruction manual. We can't use it right now, because we'd have to decide who to give up, and we just can't do it! But... it's Sora! Ah well.

We went to the bank and the post office today, and now we have stamps so we can finally send those letters to Jonathan's missionary friend, and maybe we'll write a letter to Mamoru Miyano. That would be pretty awesome. On the way back from the post office, Mom stopped by Sonic and bought us hot fudge milkshakes, which made us very happy because we weren't sure how we were going to deal with our lack of candy bars today.

And then on the way home, they were doing construction on the street by our apartment, so Mom dropped us off at the corner. Only they were doing construction on that corner too, and it looked very confusing, so we decided to walk to a corner where things were less confusing to cross the street and ended up walking like three blocks to the next intersection that wasn't being constructed on. So we got to burn off the extra calories from the milkshakes while we drank them, and help stave off the problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle! Tadah!

Last night I heard some strange cat noises coming from the direction of our balcony, so I went to check it out. And there on the balcony was Oreo facing off against some strange cat that we don't know. I think it was a pretty cat, but I only saw half of it, because there's about a million tree branches grown over onto our balcony. And then the cat jumped off the balcony and ran away. It was kind of exciting, but I really hope it doesn't give Oreo any ideas, or deadly cat diseases. The balcony is his only outside space, and I'd hate to have to take that away from him.

Today I'm thankful for hot fudge milkshakes, having postage stamps, being able to fulfill our responsibilities, road construction not being a constant, and being able to sleep in.