May 24th, 2006


One of the hardships of being twins

This morning, we got an e-mail from the woman in charge of AX registration, asking if the name was spelled Alethea or Athena. It's actually a pretty common mistake, and this time it could have been avoided, because for industry registration they have a section where you type in what you worked on as well as any other comments you may have. That would have been a perfect place to indicate that there are two of us, but it didn't occur to us that it would be necessary. So we sent a response explaining what the problem was and apologizing for the confusion.

It didn't take long to get a response back, and she said she actually had an idea that that might be the case. She also had a "Ha" at the beginning, so it made me wonder if there was some bet going on that she had now won. The problem probably also could have been avoided if we had registered normally, because they can't argue about two payments. Oh well.

This kind of thing happens all the time though. One time, Comedy Central was having a drawing to auction off the couch they used to use on the Daily Show, and we're like, "Sweet, there's two of us! We can enter twice!" We used different e-mail addresses and everything. But apparently having the same last name and being born on the same day and living in the same place makes us too similar, because when we tried submitting Athena's information, it said, "We applaud your effort, but sorry, you already entered." Dude, if we were going to fake an entry, we could have at least been smart enough to come up with another birthday.

And! sometimes TokyoPop only credits one of us when they publish our translations. We tried asking our new boss if there was some way to prevent it, but apparently she's not our new boss anymore and we have a new new boss. But our new new boss addressed both of us in his first non-workorder e-mail, so we're taking that as a good sign.

And! we just ate the last of our amazing wealth of candy bars today. If there was one of us, it would have lasted twice as long. But then one of us wouldn't exist, so there are pros and cons.

Today I'm thankful for having made it through one more volume of Elemental Gelade, adorable songs about cartoons, days when they're not doing road construction outside, volume control, and problems being solved quickly.