May 16th, 2006


AX and Disneyland

Well, at least we can sort of accurately predict when they'll be announcing new Guests of Honor for AX. As we kind of expected, yesterday they announced a new GoH. And despite our constantly keeping up with 15+ serieses, we're still not familiar with his work. Maybe because he's a mecha designer, and it's harder to find distributors who like mecha. The only thing we've seen any episodes of that he's worked on is Rahxephon, and that was only six episodes like three or four years ago.

Anyway, speaking of AX and other such things, just about every year, it has kind of been a given that we would get to act as guides at Disneyland on the day after the convention. This is pretty awesome, because it makes us feel important and stuff, so it's one of our favorite things to do. This year it seems to be somewhat less of a given, though, and at some points we even got the feeling that one or two of our regulars would be relieved not to have to spend so much time with us, so right now it's looking like our plans are to wake up early with our anime buddy on Disneyland day, and head out to Disneyland just the three of us.

I've actually been wanting to mention those plans since Friday, but people tend to disappear on the weekends, so I wanted to wait until it seemed more likely that the people this may concern would actually read it, in case they had anything to say. We're happy to show lots of people around if anyone wants us to, but if you guys think you'll be fine on your own, that's cool too.

And today I'm thankful for getting to eat Pizza Hut last night, being able to sit in the shade when we had to sit through that baseball game, not dying when I nearly killed myself choking on water, openable windows, and window screens to keep the bugs out.

Whoa, and today is the tenth anniversary of when we first went on the Indiana Jones ride. Wow.