May 11th, 2006



Today is a hot day. It's been a little bit hard to get any work done, but we just had like half a chapter left, so it wasn't too much of an obstacle.

One of the many things I like about +ANIMA is that it always has extras in the back. This time, there was an explanation of the items and tools. It's really cool, but it doesn't do anything to help us not want to cosplay it. If we had any money to spare on costumes this year, it would probably go to +ANIMA. I'm not sure if it would work, since most of the main characters are tiny, and we're pretty tall, but we've seen pictures of adults cosplaying five-year-old Hatoko from Angelic Layer. It would be best if we had two more people to cosplay with us, because then we'd have all four of the main characters. I do wonder how we'd decide who gets to be Husky though.

Of course, I also kind of want to make some Kingdom Hearts II costumes. We think it would be fun to be Kairi and Namine, because sometimes we like to be girly. According to the AX forums, there are already a million girls planning to be Kairi, so we were thinking we'd just make the costumes for Disneyland afterwards, but then we remembered we have no money to spare, so we'll see how that goes. On the bright side, no money for fabric means no effort required to make costumes. Or more effort, depending on how much I want to make new costumes. Oh, but +ANIMA makes me want to cosplay... Hmmmm...

We'd have to get like suede or something for Senri. It would be awesome to use real suede. Athena says you'd think leather, or at least cow leather, would be less expensive since we kill cows all the time to eat them, and we might as well use the skin too. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for the text box for this entry not getting wider as I type, having Pringles, having non-carpeted surfaces so the cats don't quite have to burn up, blank video tapes, and shady trees.